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Do you Believe in the Green Dragon? - Disney World, Orlando, Florida, USA

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Yup, the entire Disney World is about the size of San Francisco city in California. Disney World is so huge that it is about twice the size of the island of Manhattan in New York.

Since I have more or less started to blog about our experience at Disney World, Orlando, Florida, (March 2012) at - here is a continuation of the narration, this time, I will talk about the Disney Princesses, there are so many of them, so I will start with the two earliest princesses in my own memory, so this is just a personal blogpost about these two Disney Princesses.

First of all, we have Snow White.

She is one of the earliest princesses in my memory, of her singing "A ah ah Ah ah" to the birds - you can see the clip here "A Smile and a Song":

I don't really like the intro to another song "One Day My Prince will Come" except maybe for that phrase itself. You can search on Youtube for the clip to see what I mean.

Up next is the Sleeping Beauty, she and Snow White, they are the earliest princesses in my memory. Amazing how animation was so advanced (thanks to Disney) even back when it wasn't even 1960 yet, huh?

As a little girl, I always remember that I cower in fear yet still watching repeatedly when Maleficent (the evil Queen) turned into a dragon (I think she's green) and Prince Charming fought his way through to rescue Sleeping Beauty, his beloved Princess Aurora.

The VCR my parents got played these cartoons, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, etc. over and over again, back when we did not have cable tv/paid subscription or even the Internet. I consider myself privileged, as my parents consider these 'edutainment' materials, hence I get to watch most of (read: ALL) the Disney cartoons back in the 1980s.

You can easily google up the wikipedia of the Disney Princesses, especially classics like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, but for the uninitiated, if I have to describe them in a single paragraph/sentence each:

Snow White
She is born a Princess and her mother died young and the King remarried, giving her a beautiful young stepmother, who unfortunately got jealous of Snow White's beauty (Skin as white as snow, hair as black as ebony) and the hatred for Snow White grew after the King died, which in turn drove Snow White into the woods, into the home of the Seven Dwarves and a poison apple, deep sleep and a handsome Prince who then married Snow White and they lived happily ever after.

Sleeping Beauty
She is born the only daughter of a King and Queen who longed for a child for so long, however, her birth was cursed by an Evil Witch who predicted that when she is 18, her finger will be pricked by a spindle (to weave thread/cloths) and die - hence all the spindles in the kingdom were destroyed and she was raised by three fairy godmothers (who are good witches) in the woods - however when she turned 18, she fell in love with the prince and somehow the curse came true but the fairy godmothers helped her to NOT Die but fall into a deep sleep and the Prince came and kiss her and she awoke, and they got married and lived happily ever after.

Here is a 10-min-clip on Aurora singing in the forest and the Prince Charming attracted to her singing.

What do they share in common? There are many, being created by Disney, but I'd like to narrow them down to three
1. Both are princesses,
2. Both got someone who 'hated' them, motivated by jealousy, and
3. Both are singers, their beautiful singing mesmerised their potential husbands, who happen to be princes.

So my passion in music, and singing was mostly motivated by these cartoons.

Like seriously! I love to sing "A ahh ahhh" without real lyrics to the tunes (back when my English vocabulary was very limited as a multi-lingual little girl) with dreamy eyes whenever I think of these two Princesses.

Anyway, talking about the evil villains in Disney, I was amused when I was at Disney World. Disney World is divided into FOUR different theme parks and TWO water parks - the Princesses could be found mostly at Magic Kingdom (of which HK Disneyland was heavily based on).

At Magic Kingdom, Hubby and I took photographs of the princesses and with them - we queued up early and even then it took nearly an hour just for us to reach the Princesses in their 'rooms'/chambers.

We were the only 'dinkies' around, and Asians to top it off, the rest of the line were non-Asians and/or with children, or were just barely children (teenagers) themselves. 'Dinkies' are married couple with dual-income with no children. We are 'grown-children' - we have found each other via Disney love story, you can put it that way!

Three paragraphs on and I still haven't talked about the evil villains... I am too long-winded!


The first princess that you reach in the line was Sleeping Beauty in her pink costume.

I went up to her first for a pix, while hubby snapped a few pix with our camera, and then he joined me and the princess for another pix, so we can maximise the photos taken for such a long wait.

We were wearing matching Minnie and Mickey shirts we bought from HK Disneyland two years before, and it is not difficult to see that we are a couple.

Princess Aurora was really chatty and chatted me up with her Disney-character-mode - the conversation went like this (paraphrased from memory):

Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) hereafter referred to as SB: Is he your prince?

Me: Yes.

SB: Wow, you are so lucky to have found your prince.

Me: --- *silent*(continued to smile to the camera and looking straight ahead, ignoring her by my side)

SB: Are you two married?

Me: Yes (continued to smile to the camera and looking straight ahead, ignoring her by my side)

SB: Wow, did he save you from the Green Dragon?Did he save you from the Queen's Dragon? (this was after thinking about the conversation that I finally get what she meant) - at that moment, I thought I heard 'DO YOU BELIEVE IN THE GREEN DRAGON'?!? I nearly rolled my eyes if not for the cameras pointing at me.

Me: --- *silent* (continued to smile to the camera and looking straight ahead, ignoring her by my side)

By then, she shut up and looked at the camera, I think she must be seething inside for this rude, stupid Asian woman who totally ignored her attempt at a conversation.

Then hubby joined us for a pix, and then we moved on to the next princess who were waiting just beside her 'chamber'.

Thinking back, I feel it is kinda funny and I do feel quite bad for ignoring that young lady who played Princess Aurora.

Here is the pix of me totally ignoring Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) - proof that I am no longer a kid who will believe these young ladies are really princesses - kinda take the 'magic' away, but hey, I am already past 30, you can't blame me!

You see how in the pix she was talking to me animatedly and I just looked straight on with a smile plastered on my face while totally ignoring her? Bad Bad Disney fan, i.e. me. *grins*

I will talk about Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast in the next blog post. They warrant another blog post. :)

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