Thursday, 25 July 2013

Baby's First Fever

Today, July 25, 2013, is the day our baby first broke 38 degree Celcius temperature, hitting 39 at its max - it is his first fever at five months and one week. 

Sponge bathed him to keep him cool, fed him paracetamol syrup and it is a constant vigilance around the clock.

Parents and carers around the world, I feel you now. 

Get well soon, baby boy. Hugs. I shall try my best to stay positive and not worry too much.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Our Experience with Tiger Airways

Hubby and I recently took Tiger Airways as the fare was cheaper than all the other airlines at the time of booking.

For those initiated, Tiger Airways depart Kuala Lumpur from LCCT terminal (low cost carrier terminal) and NOT KLIA Main Terminal. If you made the blunder like we did, don't fret, there's a shuttle bus every half hourly from KLIA to LCCT and it costs RM2.50 per person one way. We made it on time for check in and boarding. No cab driver (touts) at KLIA would send us there so bus it is.

This is how the plane looks like on a hot sunny afternoon. The interior is exactly the same as Air Asia flights except for the hot seats cover in Air Asia and the colour of the uniforms.

The meals look delicious but mind you, it is in Singapore dollar, which is 2.5 times more than Ringgit Malaysia so we did not order anything.

They serve liquor on board... 45 mins flight, too short to get drunk?
Dollar to dollar, similarly priced as Air Asia but once you convert Singapore Dollar to RM, shudder 2.5 times more.

The stewardess on our flight who did the announcement needs some serious training in English pronunciation. 

The steward on our flight back has a good voice and okay English. Their light yellow uniform could be more orangey or brighter so it won't look like it has been washed too many times and look worn out... And the design looks like how they design the Chinese banquets/dinner waiters/waitresses' uniform. I know how some people will say how stewardess are waitresses in the sky but then again they are a league of their own so their uniform should be chic, professional and comfortable.

Check in guys are mostly unsmiling and the one at Changi Airport doesn't wanna tell us the departure gate when he handed over our boarding pass and asked us to check the board. Oh well. So much for customer service.

Anyway, the flights were on time. No complaints about that. The seats equally cramped like Air Asia. As long as it carried me from one destination to another, I guess it's alright. Keep the cheap fares coming!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Missed Moment of Motherhood

Today my little one just rolled over for the first time from his back to his tummy and I wasn't there to witness it as I was at work....

I feel like I missed one important milestone in my baby's life and feel dreadful after that, I still feel awful as I am typing this so I feel that something's gotta give.... Hmmmm anyway, I digress.

Motherhood is not all bed and roses and taking a tip from one article directed at new mothers, I follow this one golden rule: Take time to look at the pictures of your little one when he is asleep. Looking at pictures of him is totally different from looking at your baby because when you are looking at him you are pressured to meet his needs and cater to him while you will appreciate the miracle your little one is if you look at the pix which gives you an overall sense of wonder at this little bundle of joy. 

I have been shielding my son from the virtual public world since his birth with his face mosaic off on this blog and now that he's over 4 months old, here's an unflattering pix of him with his eyes shut when he took a short nap in the car seat today, tired after playing for the whole afternoon at grandparents' house. He is so very much loved. We love you baby boy. Hugs and kisses.