Wednesday, 23 November 2011

TGI Fridays Wangsa Walk Mall's Food Quality Deteriorating

We are a big fan of the dessert minis
Hubby and I have been loyal patrons of TGI Fridays (TGIF) since the beginning of our relationship some 8 years ago.

Of course we are naturally excited when TGIF opened up an outlet near our area at Wangsa Walk Mall some two years back. We were literally regular customers to the extent that we once had dinners at least once every week at TGIF Wangsa Walk Mall. That was how 'smitten' we were as loyal patrons.

We tasted the food at TGIF at other places, namely The Curve and OneUtama, to name a few, and at first we 'tried to forgive' the 'new chefs' at TGI Fridays Wangsa Walk Mall for the food standard that seems a little bit below par compared to the other outlets in the chain.

Then we remembered a survey they requested us to do based on the receipt number, and upon completion of the online questionnaire, we get a unique code to produce to be entitled to a free fajita on our next visit. I remembered doing the survey thrice, the first time I entered a long comment in the box, even touching about the food quality. The second and third times, they removed the comment box and the survey was much shorter.

Anyway, talking about the food quality, the standard has really deteriorated with time. On some days after that, the food was so-so, on some days the food at TGI Fridays Wangsa Walk Mall was barely edible.

We decided to visit the outlet again on Nov 23, 2011. I'm sitting here at the outlet, typing this blogpost, while waiting for our bill.

Sad to say, the food served today is the worst ever in our experience at TGIFriday!!!!

Here are some pix to prove my point:

Pix 1: See how burnt the toast is? It shouldn't be called Tuscan Chicken Melt, more like Burnt Toast with Chicken/Cheese
Pix 2: For the first time ever, this evening, I got my grilled chicken breast partially raw!!! Unacceptable! This is NOT even a steak, if they are trying to achieve a medium rare cooking!

Pix 3: In one of the refills, the server ignored hubby's request for NO ICE. Hubby didn't wanna make a fuss hence he took out all the ice with the dessert spoon.
Pix 4: At least dessert is still nice.

Geez, TGIFridays Wangsa Walk Mall really need to buck up and improve your food standards! What is an eatery without good food quality!?!

We spoke to the new manager (who joined only one month ago), and he apologised for the cooking, and said maybe the cook woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning... we were like... huh? It's not even funny. He thanked us for the feedback and let's hope something is done to improve and he lasts long enough and won't leave like that last manager!!!

Update: June 2012 - We visited again after a long time, and again a few weeks after that, the cooking has improved to the standards that it should be. Yay!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

When you turn 30, you feel down, When you turn 31, you feel happy again. :-)

Whoever said "When you turn 30, you feel down, and When you turn 31, you feel happy again", has a point. You don't feel so 'sad', as least not as sad as when you turned 30, and for me, I actually felt okay celebrating my 31st birthday last month. I was even looking forward to it, and truth to be told, I celebrated it thrice. Yup, three freaking times. lol Hey, change a perspective to look at it, you are now just at the younger end of the 30s. Look at the glass as half full and not half empty, think positive and we'll sail through life contentedly. Here's to a lifetime of contentment and inner peace/joy. :-)