Thursday, 27 January 2011

What a Trip! Amazing Taiwan

The two most dreaded thing happened in our recent trip to Taiwan.

Hubby lost his important cards as his namecard case were missing after taking the metro and he had to visit the police station and I had to visit the hospital for my 39.4 degree fever. So if anyone ask us what is the ONE memorable place from our Taipei, Taiwan visit, he's JOKINGLY say the Police Station and I'll say the Hospital.

But seriously, Taiwan's amazing hospitality is simply WOW! Hubby got back his case with all his cards intact, a kind member of the public got it and passed it to the metro (train) station's lost and found and they called our hotel as hubby placed the hotel card inside.

We'd definitely go back for a second trip, maybe not this year but in the future.. so much to see, so much to sample (taste and smell).. so much more to explore! Double thumbs up to Taiwan!

If I don't update in Feb.. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR everyone!

Monday, 17 January 2011

How do you call 100 and 103 for problems of billing regarding a terminated service for TM?

So I don't have a TM line anymore, no phone line to call 100 and 103 and I keep getting the phantom bills that should not have happened as I've terminated my services more than 9 months ago! I need to physically go to TM Point Setapak to settle my problem every month now without avail.. I dread to take off to go to TM P0int again for Jan 2011, 9 months after I terminated my line!

ON the bill, it said, please call 100 for any dispute about this bill.. indeed! I don't have a TM line anymore and my mobile phone provider does not offer 100 calls. So how? I'm sick of TM! Been there more than 12 times over the last 9 months and still my bills won't stop, even had my credit card authorisation cancelled.. but still.. sigh. Stupid organisation!