Sunday, 24 January 2010

Klinik dan Surgeri Setapak, Jalan Prima Setapak 5 - Sunday doctor RUDE

My hubby just consulted the stand-in doctor at Klinik dan Surgeri Setapak at Jalan Prima Setapak 5 who is totally rude and lacking interpersonal skills. It was an Indian male doctor who stood in for the usual jovial weekday doctor. He consulted this doctor on 24th January 2010, at about 7.00pm.

The doctor was giving his diagnosis of what we have already suspected, a middle ear infection, and he had actually paused and there was a pregnant pause in the conversation, so my husband asked a question to clarify and the doctor indignantly said: Let ME finish first.

That shut my husband up cos he was utterly pissed with people who are lacking finesse in their speech. He even charged a bomb for such shoddy consultation. He actually turned my husband's head around roughly and complained my husband turned his head wrongly/not enough/not the right way for him to see. Instead of feeling better, my hubby came out from the consultation room feeling slighted and said: "that is why I hate going to doctors."

Don't get us wrong, the usual doctor is very nice and friendly but this stand-in doctor brings the image of this branch down.

FYI: the address of this clinic is Klinik dan Surgeri Setapak, 19, Jln Prima Setapak 5, Setapak, KL