Thursday, 29 July 2010

Asian Bloggers and Social Media Conference 2010

Am attending the two-day conference which is a refreshing break from my day-to-day job.

Will blog more about it when I get the pix up!

UPDATE: Not worth my time to blog about it. Enough said.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

New Godson!

My hubby and I got a new baby godson yesterday (10th July 2010). Little Herman was born to my hubby's elder bro and sister-in-law on 17th May 2010, coincidentally that's also the 25th birthday of my god brother from my mother's side of the family. Talk about serendipity.

Herman's parents travelled all the way from Singapore for the godson/godparenting ceremony with Herman's elder bro, Norman who is going to be 4 on 22nd July. I am not sure about others but for the traditional Chinese, the godparenting ceremony is still done the traditional way, with gifts exchanges and tokens, etc.

Back in my hometown, I already have two god daughters from my childhood friend/distant cousin Audery (Odri).. Rachel is nearly 9 and Genevie is already 7... how fast time flies! Three godchildren and nearing the third decade of my life.. I still do not have a little mini me yet.. crossing my fingers and pray it will happen soon!