Thursday, 31 March 2011

Of Friends and Familiarity

Okay, not gonna name names here but I just need to blog about this!

I've got a really good girlfriend (CAVEAT: any female from birth till death are entitled to be called 'girl') whom I meet with over lunch regularly just to touch base and fill each other in with the latest 'happenings' in our lives, and yeah, we're living within driving distance from each other, never mind the 30km distance, in Klang Valley, anything within one hour is considered 'near'.

We like to call each other 'WOMAN', or the Hockien (a Chinese dialect) version of 'Charbo'. Charbo sounds more crude, hence we just unknowingly settled for 'woman' since the beginning of our friendship. It's more of a term of endearment more than anything, and it's an affectionate "WOMAN" we call each other, lol.

Five years on, I needed her as my referee for personal reasons and she willingly drafted a reference letter for me.

Guess what?

It irks me when people call me wrongly, hence my blog moniker is 'My name is Sue', just to make my name clear. However, relating to the title of this post - we are too familiar and comfortable with each other that my girl friend spelled my name as Su instead of Sue and that was like the first thing I noticed in her letter and pointed it out. Man, did she blush and was like so 'paiseh', red from embarrassment. It was splattered all over the page, the Su instead of Sue. SURPRISINGLY, I wasn't irked but more humoured than anything! I laughed out loud and was bewildered at that honest mistake. It was more like a blurred moment and a hasty decision to decide my name lacks an 'e' on her part but it was really funny to me and I'm still chuckling while typing this.

So my message to WOMAN is - IT'S OKAY and thanks so much for making my day - I've not laughed so hard for a long time. :-) HUGS.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Citibank Does Not Protect Its Credit Card Users from Fraud - My husband's dispute with Citibank since May 2010

“The cardholder’s maximum liability for unauthorised transactions as a consequence of a lost or stolen credit card shall be confined to a limit specified by the issuer of credit cards, which shall not exceed RM250 provided the cardholder has not acted fraudulently or has not failed to inform the issuer of credit cards as soon as reasonably practicable after having found that his credit card is lost or stolen.”

Card information is obviously stolen. Shame that Citibank does not follow this guide. How to liaise with the merchant when we did not engage their services in the first place because it is obviously fraud.

Please read from bottom up. After the Valentine's Day email to us, I shot another email back reprimanding her for not only addressing me with any title she misspelled my name, and she never replied.

I just shot another email just about now as Citibank obviously got sued and lost in a fraud case where a woman got charged nearly her entire month salary for travel expenses that she never made. Geez, I'll ask my hubby to cancel his card AFTER he got a refund.

--- On Mon, 2/14/11,> wrote:>
Subject: RE: URN: 090220111310564585 - I1006070041
Date: Monday, February 14, 2011, 8:39 AM

*She spelled my name wrongly!* (I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE MISSPELL MY NAME!)

The booking details already provided by the merchant.

The bank do not have further chargeback right against the merchant. Please liaise with merchant for a refund. Or you can bring the case to Consumer Tribunar. (wrong spelling)

Thanks & Regards


BankCard Operations Problem Resolution

Tel: 03- 238

Fax: 03- 271

email: her

Sent: Thursday, February 10, 2011 12:10 PM
Subject: RE: URN: 090220111310564585 - I1006070041

Maybe we can bring this to the Consumer Tribunal. It's a losing battle trying to work it out with Citibank.


--- On Thu, 2/10/11, MY HUbby's address> wrote:

Subject: RE: URN: 090220111310564585 - I1006070041
Cc: MY
Date: Thursday, February 10, 2011, 11:58 AM

Dear Ms. HER NAME,

Good day and thanks for your email pertaining to my case.

I did receive this document before but what i'm requesting here is, I want to see the proof from the hotel on when and where I did the reservation. This slip doesn't tell any booking time/date and the booking date is the date i'm leaving Hong Kong. Why am I doing this since my flight back to Malaysia is on the same day?

Anyway, I insist I want to see the booking details as in where, when I make this reservation. Thank you very much for your help and I hope you can understand my situation here. Thank you.


Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2011 11:11:32 +0800
Subject: URN: 090220111310564585 - I1006070041

Hi Mr ,

As per our tele-conversation, please refer the below attachment that the hotel provided.

This is a hotel room reservation and reservation is confirmed with confirmation # 259997

Definitely, there is no signature because you did not “ turn up”.

Thanks & Regards


BankCard Operations Problem Resolution

Tel: 03- 23

Fax: 03- 27

email: her

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Pork Burger!!!

THIS IS A NON-HALAL POST. No offence to Muslim readers.

Finally, someone took the cue and introduced pork burger in Malaysia!

And they are really thoughtful too! (see the words in the image on the left that I took at their cashier counter) - "As Ninja Joe is a non halal restaurant, your kind co-operation not to bring Ninja Joe's food item to other halal premises will be highly appreciated. Ninja respect others too!"

Using the 'Ninja' theme, the shop is really creative from their ninja mascot to the copywriting (words) on display at their restaurant. My hubby pointed out that the ninja mascot resembles a burger with the bread (black top and bottom) and the middle is white which resembles the meat and the two eyes are tomatoes and salad, I guess. :-) It comes in six different flavours. I love the slogan they have: "Nom the Oink!"

The photos are of higher resolution so you may click on any photos you like and you can see them in higher quality. The whole menu is there for you to see in the "Nom the Oink" photo.

This is the sign (image on the right) that caught our attention from afar while hunting for a place to have our tea break - PORK - then a burger image and the words: "If you can't handle it, you're chicken."

We were like.. let it be true! And were attracted towards that direction like moths to the light. lol... and it was TRUE! Not many restaurants, especially fast-food restaurants dare to neglect the Muslim market, hence usually they go by the 'pork-free' concept so as not to lose a large chunk of the potential market. Kudos to Ninja Joe for being brave enough to be different!

Now where can you find Ninja Joe's Pork Burgers?

It is located at the lower Ground Floor of The Gardens, Mid Valley. You can NEVER miss the Red Wordings on the Black Background! Or White Wordings on Black Background!

Okay, why am I typing in sentence case? I guess I am just excited that someone actually sells 'burger babi' (Pork Burger) here!

Hubby and I ordered two burgers for our snack today (5th March, 2011). The guy at the cashier told us they were only opened on 25th February 2011!

Their service is quite fast, the price is reasonable, the more you buy, the more value for money it is! The pork, of course, is very porky. Their original flavour retains the pork aroma and taste while the oriental flavour is superb. Plan to try the other four flavours in our next visit, which should be soon!

I ordered a dessert as well and it looks very homemade, it's got the homely feel to it! Yummy as well. Below is the photo of our order right before we walloped them all. Notice the cute little ninja mascots on the burger wrapper? Simply CUTE!

Hubby's Zing soda with kiwi certainly got the 'Zing' as well, it came with fries too! The menu is kinda short as it is very specific and 'niche' but we couldn't order that many as we were only two persons, so another trip soon to try the rest of the items on the menu! Talk about specialty menu that makes you wanna return for more!

Now this is NOT an advertorial.. we simply were wowed over just by seeing the word PORK. lol... are we Malaysians non-Muslims so pork-deprived? NO. We have non-halal restaurants but a pork burger is a first to be sold in a shop (read: shopping mall) like this! Hope Ninja Joe will expand its wings or maybe have franchises all over the country and maybe the region and then internationally!

Now the food and drinks are prepared by cute guys in Japanese costumes as well and the photo I took focused on the guy in front and the back looks like he's a ninja on stealth mode, moved too fast for my camera! lol

Check them out! :-)

Follow them on twitter @porkburger if you use twitter or for the rest of us who are facebook users, just 'like' them on facebook:

I already did and I was their 1661th fan. :-)

I visited their Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur outlet and just found out they already have another chain outlet in Tropicana City Mall, Petaling Jaya, and also Sunway Pyramid in Bandar Sunway and they've been around since the last two years (2009). I hardly venture out of KL and that includes PJ or other parts of Klang Valley that is not KL so I just happen to know when it came to this part of Klang Valley in KL.

And they are open for franchise too! for franchise enquiries. All these lifted off their fb page. :-)
Love this quote on their fb page: Pork = Awesome, Ninjas = Awesomer, Ninja Joe = Awesomest :)