Thursday, 31 March 2011

Of Friends and Familiarity

Okay, not gonna name names here but I just need to blog about this!

I've got a really good girlfriend (CAVEAT: any female from birth till death are entitled to be called 'girl') whom I meet with over lunch regularly just to touch base and fill each other in with the latest 'happenings' in our lives, and yeah, we're living within driving distance from each other, never mind the 30km distance, in Klang Valley, anything within one hour is considered 'near'.

We like to call each other 'WOMAN', or the Hockien (a Chinese dialect) version of 'Charbo'. Charbo sounds more crude, hence we just unknowingly settled for 'woman' since the beginning of our friendship. It's more of a term of endearment more than anything, and it's an affectionate "WOMAN" we call each other, lol.

Five years on, I needed her as my referee for personal reasons and she willingly drafted a reference letter for me.

Guess what?

It irks me when people call me wrongly, hence my blog moniker is 'My name is Sue', just to make my name clear. However, relating to the title of this post - we are too familiar and comfortable with each other that my girl friend spelled my name as Su instead of Sue and that was like the first thing I noticed in her letter and pointed it out. Man, did she blush and was like so 'paiseh', red from embarrassment. It was splattered all over the page, the Su instead of Sue. SURPRISINGLY, I wasn't irked but more humoured than anything! I laughed out loud and was bewildered at that honest mistake. It was more like a blurred moment and a hasty decision to decide my name lacks an 'e' on her part but it was really funny to me and I'm still chuckling while typing this.

So my message to WOMAN is - IT'S OKAY and thanks so much for making my day - I've not laughed so hard for a long time. :-) HUGS.

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Elaine Choong said...

Interesting Charbor's! LOL!