Tuesday, 11 August 2009

We are flesh and blood and more

Yes, we are made of flesh and blood.. but we are made of more...

Humans, we are separate yet the same.. we share the same physiology, female and male, with distinct gender characteristics, with brains and all the physical faculties intact for normal "us".

However, what is the thing that makes us different from a pack of wolves? From a herd of elephants? From a shoal of fish?

Our spirit? Then why do we say "You have a wild spirit, just like the eagle soaring the sky"? How are we different then? Spirit of courage? Then why do we have "As brave as a lion"?

You may then say, it's our souls. And animals do not have souls. However, when you look into your beloved puppy's eyes or into your aged dog's eyes just when he/she is dying... you can't help but feel that the soulful eyes are actually similar to a dying human. Who are you to say that animals do not have souls? Or at least a semblance of soul?

How about feelings? Some have argued that what make us humans different from animals are the feelings and intuition rather than animal instinct. How about gut feelings? Then you'll add that we have logic and rationality, and all the logical things the animals have displayed in their survival are actually based on their survival instincts.. but then again, back in the Paleolitics, our predecessors managed to survive based on their survival instincts too.. and we evolved.

So that brings us to... we manage to evolve and the animals did not.

Okay.. then how about a possibility of the nearest cousin of ours, the apes evolving in their intellect into more refined apes like how it was depicted in the planet of the apes? Creepy idea.. some may deny the possibility but with the modern day technology where anything is possible, only time will tell... so I dare not say never.

This question of how we are different from others, actually stem from an underlying sense of insecurity and inability to live in harmony with nature.

Who were here first? Animals, plants or homosapiens? homosapiens = human species

Actually, WE are the invaders. Take our ego aside and live in harmony with nature. Stop destroying our environment, stop killing the animals by illegal poaching, and slow down to heal Mother Earth.