Saturday, 20 October 2007

Paying Extra for Something Free

How many times have you paid extra for something that is supposed to be free?
Gimmicks and promotional tricks aside, let's talk about warranty or guarantee for your electrical items that you've purchased.

My father and husband paid RM30 to the aircon repairman last month (Sept '07) when our air conditioner, which was only installed early July '07 and definitely still under warranty as it's a new item, started emitting hot air instead of cool air.

The gas tube was leaking so the aircon man changed it there and then and requested for us to reimburse him so that there is no need for him to travel all the way to the aircon factory to claim back the RM30 spare part and labour, it is for HIS convenience and we as the consumer, the receiving end has to pay ON BEHALF of the aircon company.

Hello? I was just fighting for our rights as consumer and kinda talked the aircon man till he left our house without his bag and the men in my house sneakily (thought I didn't know better) took that opportunity to call up that aircon man to tell him the bag is on the way down to him and I saw my husband passing three red notes to my father who went after the aircon man. Men!

Money seems the best solution for everything but what about consumer rights? Urggh!

UPDATE: I can't believe this is my first post on this blog! lol maybe I had too many blogs back in 2007, hence this very random first post! - 19th May 2011 -