Friday, 26 December 2008

Rude Awakening - Attempted Theft/Burglary

I was rudely awakened on Boxing Day (Dec 26th) by a commotion outside my house (apartment/flat).

I thought they were Xmas drunkards or gangsters out for a good fight.. until I realised one of them was an old man. I took a peep from my door without actually unlocking the gate and saw a crowd gathered some 15 metres away near the lift lobby of my floor, 5th floor.

Upon hearing closely, I realised they caught a thief (and possibly burglar) red-handed.. but apparently, the house has not been broken into yet so cannot hand in over to the police.

I then got dressed and took the lift down and asked a man and an old lady what happened and got the details that it's a lone man, big and stocky who wore white shirt. The commotion by then, has shifted to the lower floors. Saw men of the block carrying sticks and woods patrolling the staircase/stairwell. I think would-be thieves will not strike again at least for today.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Year End Resolution or Rather, Reflection

I hope I have been a good wife

This pix was taken when we solemnised our marriage after we were legally
registered as husband and wife, the temple wedding is similar to a church wedding, only it was done Buddhist style.

It has been over a year and at the end of 2008, I reflect of the ups and downs all newly weds must have gone through, and I must say both my husband and me has grown and improved a lot.

With that reflection, my new year resolution will be to f
urther improve myself and hope to be a better person as each day goes by.

Hope all will be well.

I hope I have been a good godmother to my girls, Rachel and Genevie and a g
ood friend to their mother Audrey, who is also my childhood friend.
I miss my girls so much. Rachel is already 7 going on 8 next year.

Time really flies!

Genevie will be 5 next year.

It has been 3 months since I last hugged them and slept in with them.

I miss them to bits.

This was taken last year, November, as I missed both their birthdays this year as they're 2 hours flight away from where I am staying right now.

Married life do impose limitation on my mobility somewhat, to a certain extent.
I hope to be a better mommy and a better friend to their mama, my childhood friend, Audrey.

And I miss my quirky friend who's old enough to be my mom, Doreena.

Oh, I miss our silly soap-opera-like conversation, Do Do!

I'm glad our paths crossed at one point and we made it a point to keep in touch.

I have not missed your birthdays for the past few years and I'll make a point not to forget in years to come! Hugs to you, Do!
She's also in my hometown which is 2 hours flight away.

I also hope I've been a good sister to my siblings.

We spent at least 16 full years together growing up, taking in consideration youngest sis' age when our brother left home for studies.

Glad they gel just nicely with my husband, whom they refuse to call 'older brother' and called him by name instead. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

I hope to be a better sister in years to come. Hugs.

And to my parents and my parents-in-laws, I hope to be a better daughter and daughter-in-law.
To my extended family, I hope you're proud to have me as your relative.

To my other friends and acquaintances, hope knowing me has at least 'enriched' your life a little.

If there are strangers or random visitors to this blog, I hope you'll have a good 2009 ahead too!

It Has Been A Year...

It has been a year since I left my singlehood and embark on a whole new journey of sharing a life exclusively with another person, I have been married for a year and a half already. Time really flies.

It has been a year and 3 months and still counting when my heart was broken into shards of glasses when I lost a precious little life that did not have a chance to live and grow.

It has been a year and 1 month since I left the job that caused me so much emotional stress that it has contributed to me losing what matters most.

It has been a year that I ventured into a totally new field but eventually, that didn't last too.

PLEASE, I beg you, don't ask me or my spouse any of these questions as it hurts everytime you ask them:
Are you parents yet?
When are you starting a family?

Then, if we tell you the truth, DON't say things like this cos it will only hurt ME even more:
Aww, I'm sorry, at least you knew you could get one.
You're more lucky than those who carried to term or bigger tummy then lost the child.
Rest more, don't fret.

None of those really help to ease the pain and only serve a brutal reminder of the painful memories.

So the best bet is to let the subject pass and avoid the topic altogether.

Even my parents and my parents in law have learned not to broach the sensitive subject in front of me, and they are anxious to be grandparents.

Our parents, they have every right to ask, but NOT anyone else who are not even our flesh and blood.

So, who are you to ask and be so nosy to ask if my husband is a father already or me a mommy already?
We will announce when we are, so please don't hurt my feelings even more.

We are trying very hard and God knows how much that hurts to think back of what happened.

So please, spare me the heartache when we meet anywhere by avoiding this topic.

Yes, one year on, it still hurts. Everytime I think it's gone and think back of that bit of history, a part of me in my heart starts bleeding again. I guess you never outgrow such a painful memory.

Update: August 2012 - It will be exactly five years since I lost you, next month in September. I still mourn silently. I feel exactly the same way today, just that I have learned how to control my emotions and not let the dam of tears break everytime I think of you. I have changed gynae as I do not wish to be reminded of my loss. Trying very hard to move on. TRYING TO MOVE ON - A POST ON MY RECENT FEELINGS