Thursday, 18 December 2008

Year End Resolution or Rather, Reflection

I hope I have been a good wife

This pix was taken when we solemnised our marriage after we were legally
registered as husband and wife, the temple wedding is similar to a church wedding, only it was done Buddhist style.

It has been over a year and at the end of 2008, I reflect of the ups and downs all newly weds must have gone through, and I must say both my husband and me has grown and improved a lot.

With that reflection, my new year resolution will be to f
urther improve myself and hope to be a better person as each day goes by.

Hope all will be well.

I hope I have been a good godmother to my girls, Rachel and Genevie and a g
ood friend to their mother Audrey, who is also my childhood friend.
I miss my girls so much. Rachel is already 7 going on 8 next year.

Time really flies!

Genevie will be 5 next year.

It has been 3 months since I last hugged them and slept in with them.

I miss them to bits.

This was taken last year, November, as I missed both their birthdays this year as they're 2 hours flight away from where I am staying right now.

Married life do impose limitation on my mobility somewhat, to a certain extent.
I hope to be a better mommy and a better friend to their mama, my childhood friend, Audrey.

And I miss my quirky friend who's old enough to be my mom, Doreena.

Oh, I miss our silly soap-opera-like conversation, Do Do!

I'm glad our paths crossed at one point and we made it a point to keep in touch.

I have not missed your birthdays for the past few years and I'll make a point not to forget in years to come! Hugs to you, Do!
She's also in my hometown which is 2 hours flight away.

I also hope I've been a good sister to my siblings.

We spent at least 16 full years together growing up, taking in consideration youngest sis' age when our brother left home for studies.

Glad they gel just nicely with my husband, whom they refuse to call 'older brother' and called him by name instead. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

I hope to be a better sister in years to come. Hugs.

And to my parents and my parents-in-laws, I hope to be a better daughter and daughter-in-law.
To my extended family, I hope you're proud to have me as your relative.

To my other friends and acquaintances, hope knowing me has at least 'enriched' your life a little.

If there are strangers or random visitors to this blog, I hope you'll have a good 2009 ahead too!

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