Friday, 26 December 2008

Rude Awakening - Attempted Theft/Burglary

I was rudely awakened on Boxing Day (Dec 26th) by a commotion outside my house (apartment/flat).

I thought they were Xmas drunkards or gangsters out for a good fight.. until I realised one of them was an old man. I took a peep from my door without actually unlocking the gate and saw a crowd gathered some 15 metres away near the lift lobby of my floor, 5th floor.

Upon hearing closely, I realised they caught a thief (and possibly burglar) red-handed.. but apparently, the house has not been broken into yet so cannot hand in over to the police.

I then got dressed and took the lift down and asked a man and an old lady what happened and got the details that it's a lone man, big and stocky who wore white shirt. The commotion by then, has shifted to the lower floors. Saw men of the block carrying sticks and woods patrolling the staircase/stairwell. I think would-be thieves will not strike again at least for today.

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