Wednesday, 19 March 2014

First year death anniversary

19.03.2013 was when you left us when your youngest grandson was exactly 30 days old.

A year has passed, you are deeply missed and fondly remembered by those you left behind. 

While Fate may seem like playing a cruel joke on us, taking away a loved one just after we got our son... It serves as a lesson in life for us, one year on, we could see what lesson Fate was trying to impart to us.

A somber reminder of the fleeting nature of life. With birth there is death. With joy there is sadness. With every gain there is a loss. That's the balance of nature. Life....
RIP mommy. My only mother-in-law.

Monday, 17 March 2014

RIP TH Lu, former Tribune photographer

RIP TH Lu, former Sarawak Tribune photographer. 

He breathed his last this morning, March 16, 2014. He is 62. Another death/passing away due to the big C - cancer.

I called him Godpapa and he looked out for me every time we were assigned together when I was a reporter and he the photographer for the English daily I used to work at. When I was married, he was the photographer for my wedding reception in Kuching. Gosh, I am still in shock. I will remember you in my prayers, Papa Lu.

Rest in peace.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Repair work after Fire

A month after the fire, insurance company gave the greenlight for repair work to start...  a month of being rendered homeless, we've got a house yet we cannot stay there, pending repair.

Anyway we need to pay the contractor first out of our own pockets, pending insurance disbursement of the money.  Pix taken the night before real work starts. Smaller stuff are mostly moved to my cousin's house where her spare room is now full of our stuff. Bigger stuff like furniture are stacked up together and covered like this to prevent dust from landing on them.

We should be moving back into our home sweet home by Easter. Can't wait.

Full fire story a few blogposts back.