Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Strange Dreams and Chinese New Year 2012

I have some strange dreams lately. First it was about piles and piles of papers, and the intense feeling of frustration, like a room full of papers and I'm in the middle of them. That was during the time when I needed to complete my 200+ scripts of marking, the students had their final exams just earlier this month, this year. They needed to slog for revision for exams during New Year's eve, poor college kids. And poor lecturers/markers who need to slog just before Chinese New Year on Jan 23, 2012! Anyway, I digress. The other strange dream I remembered more vividly. In my dream, I was back in my hometown (which isn't where I primarily stay right now), was packing up the suitcase of things I needed to bring to my mother-in-law, she instructed me to pack many things for her, and somehow I dropped the luggage/baggage in the car and drove to the bus station and I remembered in the dream that the bus won't be leaving soon, and will be parked there, and I had enough time to drop the bag in the bus, then come back to board the bus myself to go to the airport with the bag. It was a blur in the dream after that but next thing I know, I freaked out that the bus has left when I returned and I was so worried about the bag and all the stuff my mother-in-law asked me to bring over for Chinese New Year, all the responsibilities entrusted to me, her daughter-in-law... geez, I felt like crying in my dream. Then I woke up. Thinking back, it's so funny, but it didn't seem that way in the dream. The panic was real. haha. Anyway, flying off this week to meet up with my in-laws and welcoming my new baby niece, hubby's second bro's wife is gonna break the record by giving birth to the first baby girl in the Lee (my husband's surname) family in two generations. Will be a Rabbit girl though, as the Chinese New Year of Dragon doesn't start till Jan 23rd. I always have a soft spot for babies, so it's gonna be an interesting joyful Chinese New Year! :-) Will be back in my hometown on Day 3, and plan to see my goddaughters for awhile too, miss them so much. :-) Welcoming end of Winter and beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. In China, Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring Festival. Happy Chinese New Year 2012 to all who are celebrating, may the Water Dragon year brings lots of joy and peace to the whole world. I know it's New Year for many other Asian countries as well, so Happy New Year to all and happy celebration!!!