Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Importance of a Good Quality Business Card

I came across this tip to attract business prospects, and this brought me back to about five years back when I was working as a PR consultant, yeah, some sort like an expert in Public Relations to help organisations build and maintain mutually beneficial relationship with the public through the media, and get paid good money to spin it. :)

I was attached to the more dire entity you call a company. Why do I say that? The man we called "boss" wanted to minimize operation costs and did not subscribe to newspapers. The junior associates in that PR firm and when we do have them, the interns, would go to the 24-hour-convenience stores to browse through the newspapers for free. That way, our "boss" can save about less than 10bucks a day, and we are a public relations company dealing with media coverage and news.

For those uninitiated, one of the more mundane jobs of a public relations practitioner (PRP) is to scour the newspapers DAILY including Sat and Sun. Since the office does not subscribe to newspaper (I think we Were the only PR firm without a newspaper subscription), on weekends, forget sleeping in or waking up late, as the "manager", I was responsible to grab the precious copy by either reading them first or buy them if our clients' news or their competitors are featured. Usually I just bought them right away and read later, I do know how to read the sign "Please pay without reading"... and each time I submitted my claim, I got a short lecture on how we should minimize buying the newspapers so there won't be clutter in our inventory, save the trees, etc from that moustached man we called "boss".

Hence it did not come as a surprise when we are given Pre-printed name cards with considerable white space and we were given a RM6 chop (RM6=USD2), and a ink/stamp pad and even the consultant (I was the next in line after the boss) had to chop her own name, position and phone number on that card. Don't get me wrong, the card was made of superior quality but that black stamped bit of details spoiled the image of 1. The bearer of the card, 2. The firm, 3. The owner of the company (that miserly man we call boss) and 4. The entire Malaysian PR industry players.

The man we called boss said the black stamped ink blended in well with the card and no one noticed, but in our first meeting with a big client (French-based), the director pointed out the stamped ink on my card in front of that stingy man I called boss, and hey, who said no one noticed again?

I left the firm in August 2008 and I even turned down a part time consultancy (and managerial) position offered by this man I called boss. No thanks. I have enough money skimping experience to last me a lifetime thanks to him. Oh noticed how I said this man I CALLED boss? I just want to emphasise the past tense. Let it remain a past that taught me the extreme end of cutting costs and to the extent of cutting corners but that is another story.

Below is the screenshot of the tweet which brought back these memories, they seem funny now but back then, my was it frustrating!!!

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Do money and success change people? No.

RT “@gr8benj: Money and success don't change people they merely amplify what is already there.- #JustSaying”

I came across this quote today and I totally agree. By the way, do follow @gr8benj as his tweets are simply awesome!

So Do money and success change people? No. They only amplify what is already there.

If the person is already greedy, then with more money, the more the greed will grow.

If the person is already a miser, then with more money, the more miserly that person will be.

If that person is already so full of himself/herself, in other words, egoistic, then with success, he will only feel even bigger and be filled to the brim with over inflated ego, like a balloon that can never finish expanding, never popping.

This reminds me of the Malay proverb/peribahasa Melayu: "Bagai resmi Padi, makin berisi, makin menunduk".

Literal Translation: Like the rice grain in the field, the more it is filled, the more bent it is.

In Asian countries, rice is the staple food just like wheat, bread and potatoes are to the West.

The meaning of the proverb is to remind humans that in our daily life, we must emulate the staple food, the rice, by being humble regardless of how much you are filled, be it money, knowledge or fame.

Traditionally when I was a little girl, we learned this proverb in class and the teacher taught us it is to keep highly educated people grounded. Now I'd like to reinterpret it according to my own interpretation - this applies to wealth and success as well as knowledge.

This reminds me of another saying in Chinese: The bigger the tree, the more it will attract stronger wind (and fall).

It is not wrong to feel proud and motivated once in awhile but over inflated ego and a lack of humble nature are a lethal combination as a human. Think about it.

My birthday is in 3 days on Oct 2, hence writing a more philosophical blog post to commemorate an additional year to my age. Oh I feel so wise already, lol, haha just kidding. Happy birthday to me!

P/S: Random pix of hubby's pet goldfish. Goldie, Blackie, Goldfish 1, Goldfish 3, Goldfish 3 and Goldfish 4. I only named two of them. :) Blackie is that black mass in the background, zoom in to see that strong black fish. We call them our babies that we can never cuddle. :)

Friday, 28 September 2012

What is God? What is Buddha?

If you have 15 minutes to spare, check out the following video.

This is a very interesting excerpt of a talk by HE Tsem Rinpoche in Malaysia on youtube:

A very well-spent 15-min of my life. :-) We are responsible for our own actions, don't blame it on anyone else, don't shirk your responsibilities and don't try to run away from the consequences of your words/thoughts/action!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Love and Attention

“Attention is the most basic form of love, through it we bless and are blessed. ~ John Tarrant”

There are many who claim they love someone but do not act accordingly.

How do I define accordingly?

By paying and giving attention to the ones you love.

Loving is caring, caring is providing attention no matter how brief to your loved ones.

You cannot just give lip service and say "Of course I care, I love you", but your action speaks "I am busy, I have no time for you, sorry next time baby".
That is not loving others, that is loving yourself, ie selfish.

Food for thought. Do you care enough to pay enough attention to reflect your love?

Friday, 21 September 2012

When the darkness seemed forever, the first ray of sun renews your hope in life

That is the longest post title ever for my blog, I think.

When the darkness seemed forever, the first ray of sun renews your hope in life.

To whoever feels like they are in constant darkness deep in the night, have faith and hang in there. As surely as the sun will rise, this too, shall pass and when the first ray of sun broke through the darkness, know that dawn has come and all isn't that bad after all.

Click on this to see Our ray of hope

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

How we should treat the elders

This is a good read.

See pix below.

How many of us can truly say we have done all these when dealing with the elders, especially our own parents and in-laws?

Monday, 17 September 2012

In the Fog and Mist

I feel like I am in the thick fog and mist right now. I made an essential trip recently, full of hope and desperation, for the sake of a loved one.

Will blog more about it when the time is right. Time is precious now. I need to rethink my mid-year resolution on my Blogging frequency and make it once a week instead of three times a week as something more pressing is way more urgent to attend to in life right now. Prayers for speedy recovery appreciated. I love this person too much to lose so early.

Till next week, may all be well and happy, free from pain and suffering and mental anguish and anxiety. Pix taken from the plane to reflect my feelings -End-

Spending each precious moment together

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Open Letter to my ex-students (Soon-to-be College Grads)

Dear students,

Class (as I always addressed all of you)

I know some of you may not be in my Advanced class anymore, if I ever see you again after this, chances are, you will be a grown-up, an adult who are working or married or become parents yourselves. Gosh, makes me feel so old and like you are part of my life and me as a 'parent' in a small role in shaping your future.


I am but a human being, I am not perfect, but remember, neither are you all.

I make mistakes, I am late for some classes, I do procrastinate sometimes (especially marking and returning your work), I talked too loudly, my words are not 'filtered' and I have emotions and feelings which may not be all happy and cheerful at all times, in other words, I tend to offend some of you at one point or other.

For every heart that I break or hurt, I am sorry, there are no excuses, it is something I could prevent but didn't.

For every feeling/mind that I hurt/scare, I am sorry, there are no excuses, I put it down to feelings of frustration in trying to control the class hence I resorted to threat and punishment.

For every barbed/harsh words I said, I am sorry, my mouth is faster than my brain sometimes, I regretted saying it the moment I see the looks of hurt and pain and even shock in your faces right after the words flew from my lips. I am truly sorry, I am still imperfect but I vow to improve, especially my speech.

For all my shoddiness in terms of professionalism at work, I am sorry, I have my lazy days too, that is not an excuse but remember, only 12-15 years ago, I was just like you all, a student of Mass Communication with an indisputable lazy bones, I amaze myself sometimes, why did I choose to be an educator?

The reason is simple. The reason I stayed on as an educator is due to all of you, my students.

You make me feel young and full of energy, you make me laugh and sometimes push me to the edge with anger and frustration, yet when you showed improvement or understanding, I felt so touched I can cry! I only want the best out of you, not only in exam results and assignment marks, but I wish to have a little space in your mind/heart that when you think of certain stuff like the 'Yellow M' you always call, you correct yourself and said to yourself, "Ms Tiong said it is the Golden Arch", and remember that Nike has a "Swoosh", it is not called a 'tick'.

For DPR3, I think my trademark most-used phrase is "Ada faham?", Do you understand?

For previous batches, I changed my most-used phrase from "Dunno", and my most recent phrase "Ada faham?".

Each batch is uniquely different and trust me, even if some of you can be a pain, I enjoy every moment with you all, bad or good.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the journey with me, for helping me to help you to be better humans (I hope), sometimes I feel like I wish I could just upload all that I know and experienced to all of you with a click of the mouse or by connecting to your USB drive (like Avatar), however you will then be denied a chance to truly live and make your own mistakes and learn.

I apologise for all my short comings and trust me, you all have touched my heart and become a part of me no matter how you were in my class.

I wish you all the very best in life and do not forget what it truly means to be human - to not feel sorry at the end of the day when you are about to leave this life. Ms Tiong loves you all.


Sunday, 9 September 2012

End of mid-year resolution

Having followed through with my mid-year resolution to blog at least once daily up till Sept 7, 2012, I missed Sept 8, 2012.

I shall hereby make an amendment to my resolution by taking 3 days off a week from blogging and only blog 4 times a week. Quality better than quantity.

Things are getting more packed in real life hence the need for adjustment, gotta be realistic now.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Citibank ING (Malaysia) Credit Shield Premier A Scam?

Hubby received a telesales call in mid-2012, and after hearing out the offer, hubby agreed to sign up for a totally free Credit Shield Insurance Plan offered by ING insurance company in collaboration with Citibank Credit Card (Malaysia).

The terms he was told (and double confirmed in that phone call) is that he doesn't need to pay a single cent if he has no credit card outstanding balance every month. He was sent a terms and conditions booklet in the mail and kept it, did not think too much about it.

Anyway, come August, the statement reflected a 21bucks charge for Credit Shield insurance premium. He double checked with the terms and conditions and the previous months for any outstanding balance and confirmed that he has paid up all his credit card outstanding balance IN FULL every month. The Credit Shield premium was first reflected as 0bucks in July statement. The deal was he is given free insurance as a reward for paying his credit card balance in full every month. No extra charges for the insurance coverage.

He called Citibank and was told that the insurance plan is only free the first month and will be charged a nominal fee based on subsequent months' outstanding balance of credit spent every month. Hubby was livid and pointed out there is no mention of that clause in the written agreement he received. However, the customer service person finally said they will refund the 21bucks and asked hubby to email or fax to request for a termination of the insurance coverage. He claimed that it is ING's fault for changing the clause. Oh, well, then it is their fault for overlooking that change!

Anyway, just a rant because this is the second Citibank Credit Card issue hubby encountered so far. At least this time, the result seems amicable. Keep it up, Citibank!

Crazy Housemate - Death Threat

Date of incident: Sept 7, 2012

My sister's boyfriend, Jac, rented a room directly from the landlord and moved in only yesterday.

Apart from him, there is another guy who rents the Master Bedroom, so there are the two of them in the house. Let's call this other guy Lay.

After Jac spent the first night there, an unexpected incident happened on the second evening which is today.

This housemate of his, Lay, suddenly banged his door repeatedly. Jac opened the door wondering why.

The moment the door was opened, Lay immediately charged in and grabbed Jac's collar and shouted at him for disturbing his peace in the house. He then raised his voice even more and said Jac occupied his spot on the show rack (the shoe rack is virtually empty), and he encroached his personal space. Jac started pushing Lay back when Lay started to grab his neck and tried to strangle him. Luckily Jac is of bigger built and could shake him off.

Lay said: I have tolerated you enough. You have been causing so much noise and trouble since you moved in a week ago. If you make anymore noise or trouble I will take the knife and stab you to death.

That is crazy talk as Jac only moved in a night before despite paying in full since a week ago and first met Lay. How could Lay say he has been making noises that made him couldn't sleep for that whole week since Jac only spent the first night there a day before? Psycho housemate!

And to make death threat over something ridiculous!

Jac called the landlord immediately and the landlord who was staying nearby came.

After much talk and Lay denying everything - Jac found out that this is not the first time Lay threatened the other tenants in the house.

Jac told my sis an hour later and my sis roped in our help and the five of us took umbrellas and sticks up to his room while helping Jac move out. Luckily he doesn't have much stuff yet so the five of us could carry all the stuff at one go. The crazy guy did not even exit his room once while we were there.

Jac called the landlord and said he wants his money back as the psycho housemate freaked him out and he fear for his life living there. The landlord agreed.

This incident added another streak of colour in our already colourful life. Just glad Jac is safe and sound and only broke his glasses which Lay stepped on and did not lose or break anything else.

The end

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Craving for Chinese Bun

I took this pix of my Mother-In-Law's delicious meat bun and peanut bun, with rich filling some time ago.


Craving for the buns again now and thought of this pix hence I am blogging about it to at least 'release' some of the craving, haha.

For more info on how to make your own Chinese bun,

Spending the Last Moments Together

What will you do if you know your days are numbered?

How will you spend your time with your loved ones and close friends?

Will you have a bucket list and do all the things you deemed crazy but now that you know death is surely looming near, suddenly they don't seem too crazy anymore like bungee jumping and touring the world in 80 days, that's nearly three months, errr maybe it's part of their wish to die a traveller.

How about if you know someone you love and care about is nearing death? Say, less than six months to live.

*takes a deep breath*

I would want to do all I can for that person and spend all the time I can with him/her. Screw those who says Quality is better than quantity. When someone's days are numbered, quantity matters, every second of it!

No matter how painful, relationships, no matter how close or good, will end either via separation or death. Why is it so difficult to accept death? Attachment and feelings of love, but that is another topic.

If I know someone close has less than six months to live, I shall not repeat the same thing I did when my beloved grandpa was diagnosed with cancer in 2007 and passed away just before my wedding reception.

Back then I only flew back about four times in a span of 5 months to see grandpapa. I wasn't even at his death bed. I cried and wanted to return for the funeral when they told me a bride-to-be cannot attend a funeral so close to her wedding. Somehow, I got my wish and attended his funeral and delivered my grandpapa's eulogy. I still miss him sorely and it seemed like just yesterday when he was a healthy 95-year-old. He would have been 100 years old last month (August). So many "what if"s and so many regrets, so many words remained unsaid....

I vow that the next time a similar situation happen again, I shall spend every waking moment by creating happy memories while providing relief for the dying close one/loved one. Even if it means sacrificing my job.

Our time on Earth in this lifetime is already short enough. You can always find another job but not another same person. Treasure life, cherish the time we still have on Earth because we are all living on borrowed time.

Don't sweat the small stuff, don't worry about the big stuff. Gratitude/counting our blessing is the way to go.

When the highway of life comes to an end, I always believe that it's the little things in life that matters in the end. Have you told your loved ones "I love you" today?


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Chinese Fried Rice

Chinese Fried Rice will never be complete without rice and eggs. :)

There are many types of fried rice (including Indian and Malay style) in South East Asia. As a lady of Chinese descent (born outside China and I'm NOT a Chinese national), one of the first 'dishes' we learned how to 'cook' besides washing the rice grains and boiling water is to fry the eggs, omelettes, whatever you wanna call it, eggs and ways to cook them are the first ingredient one masters in a Chinese kitchen.

Hence it is almost always certain to have fried egg with fried rice.

It is said fried rice cooked with a Chinese wok over open/real fire tastes way better than any other ways.

Anyway, the pix below show the ingredients that I usually prepare for fried rice as the main dish, if my overnight rice seems lacking, I shall Westernise my Asian fried rice and dice some potatoes to add more volume to the starchy dish.

Sliced garlic and onions are a must for a start, fry in hot oil till fragrant. Then the rest, it's up to you!

Some swear by frying the eggs first after the garlic and onions turned fragrant. Some only add the eggs after everything else were added and cooked. If you ask me, being a 'fair' person, I add half the eggs first, then cook and add everything then I add the other half after. Fair and square, so you can have two different types of egg tastes.

If you want to go a step further, especially if you are a big egg fan like me, use a clean wok, heat it up, beat the eggs and lay the beaten eggs flat on the wok or the pan if you find it easier. Scoop up the flat fried egg piece onto a dry chopping board, slice the eggs thinly and add the sliced eggs on top of your fried rice before serving, that's your dressing and you get an extra differently cooked egg with a different taste in a single dish!

The usual ingredients are meat slices, meat cubes, mixed vegetables frozen or fresh, diced carrots, corn, green peas. Sometimes I take the short cut and cut green leafy vege instead, hey, call me lazy to dice or cut the vege into smaller cubes and opting for green leaf vege which requires less preparation but they give you the fibre and roughage you need - all the same and hubby doesn't mind the taste!

It is advisable to cook the meat before the vege.

I usually add the meat first (after fragrant garlic and onion), then add the meat, wait till 80% cooked, then add in the harder to cook vege like stalks or green peas, cook for awhile and only then add the rice and I add the soft green leafy parts after the rice is more or less evenly heated up. Usually overnight rice left in the fridge is best.

For seasoning, add salt to taste, sprinkle a few dashes of pepper powder, some like to add sugar, or add chicken essence powder, shrimp paste or Chilli powder/flakes, anything goes!

For people like me, my hubby's fav is when I add dark sweet soy sauce. So I get salt and sugar all in one! Hence the blackest pix below is truly mine. The other two are cooked by my cousin. :) you can even add sesame seeds (the nice round presentation in the first pic below).

As for oil, any cooking oil will do, however I like to add a little bit of sesame oil for fragrance. Sometimes I do experiment with olive oil too. I think if you read my old blog posts, I would have mentioned I experimented with almost everything!

Practice and practice and before long, this will be the easiest and one of the quickest dishes to prepare! Bon appetit!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Magic HooLoo (Hu Lu) 葫芦

Once upon a time, in the Central Land of China (中国) there was a magical HooLoo (Hu Lu) Chinese: 葫芦.

Usually a vegetable, (bottle-gourd/calabash), this magic Hu Lu's only similarity with its plant brethren is the shape, it cannot be eaten.

Then what is so special about this magic Hu Lu, it isn't that useful of you cannot eat it, is it?

There is a little boy, his name forgotten as it was too common, just say it was Hwa Hwa. He discovered this magical Hu Lu which in turn unleashed Hwa Hwa's magical powers. I use a boy in this story but it can be any child, boy or girl.

Before long, Hwa Hwa was fighting demons and wild beasts with the power of the Hu Lu. The Hu Lu is small but can swallow up the baddies once the opening/cap is removed. When the time is right, Hwa Hwa will open the Hu Lu and release the baddies to be surrendered to the authorities. So this magical Hu Lu can suck in the baddies and spit them back out. The Hu Lu isn't defined by its actual size, the inside is actually bottomless with no surrounding walls, it is limitless.

The Hu Lu is a common magical item in Chinese legends and folklore. I was holding the small Hu Lu in my palm and this story popped into my mind.


I would liken the magical powers of the Hu Lu as our inner self. Even though our physical self is measurable in inches or centimetres, it is reassuring if we know our inner being is actually NOT bound by ANY LIMIT OR BOUNDARIES. They are all self-imposed.

Unleash your magic Hu Lu inside you today.

Swallow up the negativity and don't let it manifest in anger and blame, spit out the negativity once the moment is right to allow positivity into your inner being.

May the magic be within all of us. Stay positive and don't stop believing. :)

Monday, 3 September 2012

Love - Can you measure Love?

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways - Shakespeare

You only hurt the deepest when you love the deepest - romantic love, parent-child love, family love, friendship love, love of a passion/hobby, love, love, love.

Can we measure love? No, that's why we have the simile - I love you more than the highest mountain and the deepest sea, my feelings for you are true just like the tale as old as time, as old as the sea. A mother's love knows no bounds and extends with each child she has, she has limitless love for each and every child.

So how do we measure love? We don't. As simple as that.

However with every logic-thinking person, they will try to reason and measure love. Some even Prioritise their love, hence we have favouritism, biased preferences, etc in organizations, institutions, in the society and closer to home, in the family. Why do we need to choose? Didn't they sing that love makes the world a better place? Heal the World with love?

It beats me. I guess hatred is easier to feel than love. Prove me wrong please, people of the world.

Food for thought to start a brand new week. 2012 is ending in less than four months. Have we loved enough so far?

Sunday, 2 September 2012

A Mother's Heart

(Based on a true story)
My Dear Son,

You are my pride and joy,
I love you wish all my heart
From the moment I knew you were in me
I cried tears of joy when you were born,
Such a miracle,
Such joy,
I have a son to call my own.

Growing up you were such a joy to watch,
Daddy beamed in pride too,
Oh you were such a happy child,
We couldn't wait for you to grow up
To see what successes you can achieve,
To make us even happier and prouder.
My heart as a mother would burst in pride of our precious son.

Somehow FATE has been kind to us.
You scored distinctions all the way in school,
Our hearts bloomed when you won scholarships,
We kept our tears away from you,
As your studies took you away from home.
You are missed but we knew we cannot hold you back.

We are no longer your centre of universe,
Our baby son has grown up,
Left our 'nest' before age 18,
However your mother still dreams of you as her baby boy,
Hoping her baby will return to his mother one day.

My dear son,
You found a girl and brought her home,
She's nice and polite and pretty to look at,
Seeing you so happy made me glad,
But a part of me died inside,
I am losing more of my son, my baby boy,
Pardon me if I said all the things I shouldn't say,
Forgive me if I did anything that only drove you further away,
Know that it is a mother's heart,
in desperate attempt to hold onto her precious baby son,
Oh my son, I fear I will lose you,
My pride and joy,
My life, my reason to live.

In my heart,
A mother's heart,
My son, you will always be No.1,
In your heart, I don't wish to be No.1, that should be your wife, the same girl you brought home for us to see,
I don't wish to be No.2, that should be your career,
I don't wish to be No.3, that should be your future children whom you should care as much as I cared for you,
A mother's wish is only that you reserve a tiny corner in your heart,
Just to remember the woman who carried you in her womb,
Gave birth to you, despite the pain and loss of nourishment with childbirth,
Nourish you with her blood and brain cells through her breasts,
Endured pain when you suckled hard even when her milk was running out,
Whatever you wish to have,
She strives to give you the best,
Instilling good values to be a good human,
Supports your decisions and only wish to be a small part of your life
A part of Your successful adult life,
Is this small wish too big to ask?

A Mother's Heart,
Cries inside when her darling son fails to call,
When he kept a distance
that seems further and further away,
Forgive your mother's trespassings,
Forgive your mother's shortcomings,
She, like the rest of us, is only human,
Small misgivings added to an accumulated resentment
She is your only mother,
Yet you got further and further away
Her mistakes seemed too big to overlook
Her faults made you cringe,
Her voice made you annoyed,
Her constant nagging and questions out of concern made you frustrated,
The same woman who rocked you to sleep when you were a baby,
Her voice soothing your cries and pains when you were little,
How time change the very same things that once nurtured you
To something that irritates you.

My son,
You will have a son one day,
Your wife will bear you children,
You will love them with all your heart,
Remember that in your children,
Your parents' blood flows as well,
Our blessings, our love, our heritage,
Please leave a tiny corner in your heart,
To remember us,
To tell your children about us,
When our eyes are forever closed.

With all my love,
Your mother.

This is not meant to lash out at anyone from my husband's family. It is meant for my own Tiong famiy. Nothing to do with the Lee family. Thank you for letting me clarity this.

Can You Spot the Two Yellow Birds?

My mother-in-law introduced me to her neighbour who grows these gorgeous flowers and asked me to snap pix of them. There were many green buds but I felt that my shot of these two yellow ones are the best of them. Perhaps it's due to the balance with the flower side by side.

Can you spot the two yellow birds? Pix taken on Sept 1, 2012, Saturday

Saturday, 1 September 2012

The Power of Imagination

“The power of imagination makes us infinite" ~ John Muir

Growing up, the adults have always labelled me as an over-inquisitive child with an over active imagination.

I dream in colour, despite only being exposed to colour tv after my tot years, considered quite 'late' for my generation, and I remember most of my dreams, with funny story lines.

I always imagined a lot of things, call it day dream, fantasy, little girl's dreams or a folly, foolish or not, I believe in the power of imagination.

Haven't we been exposed to many theories and thinkers who market 'the power of positive thinking', 'the Law of Attraction', the Power of Affirmation, it's all in the mind, mind over matter and many more. It all starts with the mind, right? Starts within oneself then it may be actualized in real life.

People will always judge and doubt. Surround oneself with positive and like-minded people who believe in the power of imagination and the mind.

Learn to ignore the dissenters, the unsupportive and the negative. Take things with a pinch of salt and life won't be as difficult as it it seemed at first.

Do not shut people out, not totally. Yes, the Mind is very powerful and the Power of Imagination and Visualisation had proved to be effective to get things done and achieve goals, however what is success without having your loved ones by your side to cheer and rally for you?

Balance is always the key. Remember that with power, it comes with responsibility. Dream responsibly, may everyone reach within and start imagining positivity.

Random Pix of a pretty hibiscus from my mother-in-law's garden.