Sunday, 2 September 2012

A Mother's Heart

(Based on a true story)
My Dear Son,

You are my pride and joy,
I love you wish all my heart
From the moment I knew you were in me
I cried tears of joy when you were born,
Such a miracle,
Such joy,
I have a son to call my own.

Growing up you were such a joy to watch,
Daddy beamed in pride too,
Oh you were such a happy child,
We couldn't wait for you to grow up
To see what successes you can achieve,
To make us even happier and prouder.
My heart as a mother would burst in pride of our precious son.

Somehow FATE has been kind to us.
You scored distinctions all the way in school,
Our hearts bloomed when you won scholarships,
We kept our tears away from you,
As your studies took you away from home.
You are missed but we knew we cannot hold you back.

We are no longer your centre of universe,
Our baby son has grown up,
Left our 'nest' before age 18,
However your mother still dreams of you as her baby boy,
Hoping her baby will return to his mother one day.

My dear son,
You found a girl and brought her home,
She's nice and polite and pretty to look at,
Seeing you so happy made me glad,
But a part of me died inside,
I am losing more of my son, my baby boy,
Pardon me if I said all the things I shouldn't say,
Forgive me if I did anything that only drove you further away,
Know that it is a mother's heart,
in desperate attempt to hold onto her precious baby son,
Oh my son, I fear I will lose you,
My pride and joy,
My life, my reason to live.

In my heart,
A mother's heart,
My son, you will always be No.1,
In your heart, I don't wish to be No.1, that should be your wife, the same girl you brought home for us to see,
I don't wish to be No.2, that should be your career,
I don't wish to be No.3, that should be your future children whom you should care as much as I cared for you,
A mother's wish is only that you reserve a tiny corner in your heart,
Just to remember the woman who carried you in her womb,
Gave birth to you, despite the pain and loss of nourishment with childbirth,
Nourish you with her blood and brain cells through her breasts,
Endured pain when you suckled hard even when her milk was running out,
Whatever you wish to have,
She strives to give you the best,
Instilling good values to be a good human,
Supports your decisions and only wish to be a small part of your life
A part of Your successful adult life,
Is this small wish too big to ask?

A Mother's Heart,
Cries inside when her darling son fails to call,
When he kept a distance
that seems further and further away,
Forgive your mother's trespassings,
Forgive your mother's shortcomings,
She, like the rest of us, is only human,
Small misgivings added to an accumulated resentment
She is your only mother,
Yet you got further and further away
Her mistakes seemed too big to overlook
Her faults made you cringe,
Her voice made you annoyed,
Her constant nagging and questions out of concern made you frustrated,
The same woman who rocked you to sleep when you were a baby,
Her voice soothing your cries and pains when you were little,
How time change the very same things that once nurtured you
To something that irritates you.

My son,
You will have a son one day,
Your wife will bear you children,
You will love them with all your heart,
Remember that in your children,
Your parents' blood flows as well,
Our blessings, our love, our heritage,
Please leave a tiny corner in your heart,
To remember us,
To tell your children about us,
When our eyes are forever closed.

With all my love,
Your mother.

This is not meant to lash out at anyone from my husband's family. It is meant for my own Tiong famiy. Nothing to do with the Lee family. Thank you for letting me clarity this.

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