Friday, 7 September 2012

Crazy Housemate - Death Threat

Date of incident: Sept 7, 2012

My sister's boyfriend, Jac, rented a room directly from the landlord and moved in only yesterday.

Apart from him, there is another guy who rents the Master Bedroom, so there are the two of them in the house. Let's call this other guy Lay.

After Jac spent the first night there, an unexpected incident happened on the second evening which is today.

This housemate of his, Lay, suddenly banged his door repeatedly. Jac opened the door wondering why.

The moment the door was opened, Lay immediately charged in and grabbed Jac's collar and shouted at him for disturbing his peace in the house. He then raised his voice even more and said Jac occupied his spot on the show rack (the shoe rack is virtually empty), and he encroached his personal space. Jac started pushing Lay back when Lay started to grab his neck and tried to strangle him. Luckily Jac is of bigger built and could shake him off.

Lay said: I have tolerated you enough. You have been causing so much noise and trouble since you moved in a week ago. If you make anymore noise or trouble I will take the knife and stab you to death.

That is crazy talk as Jac only moved in a night before despite paying in full since a week ago and first met Lay. How could Lay say he has been making noises that made him couldn't sleep for that whole week since Jac only spent the first night there a day before? Psycho housemate!

And to make death threat over something ridiculous!

Jac called the landlord immediately and the landlord who was staying nearby came.

After much talk and Lay denying everything - Jac found out that this is not the first time Lay threatened the other tenants in the house.

Jac told my sis an hour later and my sis roped in our help and the five of us took umbrellas and sticks up to his room while helping Jac move out. Luckily he doesn't have much stuff yet so the five of us could carry all the stuff at one go. The crazy guy did not even exit his room once while we were there.

Jac called the landlord and said he wants his money back as the psycho housemate freaked him out and he fear for his life living there. The landlord agreed.

This incident added another streak of colour in our already colourful life. Just glad Jac is safe and sound and only broke his glasses which Lay stepped on and did not lose or break anything else.

The end

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Abby Tiong said...

Great post sis~ Luckily we got back all our rental and deposits but I can still see the psycho guy still staying there. Hopefully the landlord will force him to move out before anything bad happen again.