Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Magic HooLoo (Hu Lu) 葫芦

Once upon a time, in the Central Land of China (中国) there was a magical HooLoo (Hu Lu) Chinese: 葫芦.

Usually a vegetable, (bottle-gourd/calabash), this magic Hu Lu's only similarity with its plant brethren is the shape, it cannot be eaten.

Then what is so special about this magic Hu Lu, it isn't that useful of you cannot eat it, is it?

There is a little boy, his name forgotten as it was too common, just say it was Hwa Hwa. He discovered this magical Hu Lu which in turn unleashed Hwa Hwa's magical powers. I use a boy in this story but it can be any child, boy or girl.

Before long, Hwa Hwa was fighting demons and wild beasts with the power of the Hu Lu. The Hu Lu is small but can swallow up the baddies once the opening/cap is removed. When the time is right, Hwa Hwa will open the Hu Lu and release the baddies to be surrendered to the authorities. So this magical Hu Lu can suck in the baddies and spit them back out. The Hu Lu isn't defined by its actual size, the inside is actually bottomless with no surrounding walls, it is limitless.

The Hu Lu is a common magical item in Chinese legends and folklore. I was holding the small Hu Lu in my palm and this story popped into my mind.


I would liken the magical powers of the Hu Lu as our inner self. Even though our physical self is measurable in inches or centimetres, it is reassuring if we know our inner being is actually NOT bound by ANY LIMIT OR BOUNDARIES. They are all self-imposed.

Unleash your magic Hu Lu inside you today.

Swallow up the negativity and don't let it manifest in anger and blame, spit out the negativity once the moment is right to allow positivity into your inner being.

May the magic be within all of us. Stay positive and don't stop believing. :)

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