Monday, 3 September 2012

Love - Can you measure Love?

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways - Shakespeare

You only hurt the deepest when you love the deepest - romantic love, parent-child love, family love, friendship love, love of a passion/hobby, love, love, love.

Can we measure love? No, that's why we have the simile - I love you more than the highest mountain and the deepest sea, my feelings for you are true just like the tale as old as time, as old as the sea. A mother's love knows no bounds and extends with each child she has, she has limitless love for each and every child.

So how do we measure love? We don't. As simple as that.

However with every logic-thinking person, they will try to reason and measure love. Some even Prioritise their love, hence we have favouritism, biased preferences, etc in organizations, institutions, in the society and closer to home, in the family. Why do we need to choose? Didn't they sing that love makes the world a better place? Heal the World with love?

It beats me. I guess hatred is easier to feel than love. Prove me wrong please, people of the world.

Food for thought to start a brand new week. 2012 is ending in less than four months. Have we loved enough so far?

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