Sunday, 30 June 2013

Little Things That Matter

It is the little stuff that matters in the end. 

Don't sweat the small stuff because at the end of the day they will become bigger than you'll ever know without you having to do any worrying. 

We remember people who have passed on because of the little things and little stuff that got stuck in memory. Today I was reminded of another memory of you, mommy, because of these tomato cherries. 

I was walking down the aisle of the supermarket searching for the ingredients to make salad for Sunday lunch and then I spotted the tomato cherries. In a flash, I remembered what you told me about picking these red round ones, mommy. Thanks for the lesson I will never forget, little things like how to select the sweetest cherries and avoid the sour ones.

You are sorely missed nearly four months on... The best mother-in-law one can ever hope for. RIP.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

When It is Just Isn't Your Day and You Feel Down (more like you feel like shit)

Today just isn't my day.

My car battery went dead on me and I was already running late for work.

Instead of waiting to get it sorted out, I hailed a taxi from in front of my home and got to work within a reasonable time frame.

Then I had a 2pm-4pm break and the sky looked very dark. As if my mood isn't dark enough for the day.

It was then that I decided to take the cab back home to check on my baby boy, dark sky or not.

By the time I reached home, rain started pouring and the thunderous sky had an angry sounding orchestra up above.

My little one's smiling face changed to a frown and then his mouth turned downwards and he started wailing with the first thunder. The second lightning came and the second thunder sounded, causing him to wail even more. I picked him up and cuddled him while singing a nonsense lullaby that I just made up on the spot and he calmed down and settled into a singing response to me, cooing all the way in my arms as the thunders continue their symphony.

Bad day or not, I felt needed and I am glad I made that short trip back home right there and then before going back to work at 4pm later.

If you let them, babies have a way of brightening your day... the keyword here is "if you let them".

I have decided to let my baby taken over my life and my heart. Thank you baby boy.

Back to work now. :-)

Monday, 3 June 2013

How to remove poo or shit stains from baby napkin or clothes?

I bet parents to newborn will ask How to remove all that poo stains from my baby clothes? Macam mana nak cuci kesan tahi atau najis daripada pakaian atau lampin bayi?

My aunt introduced the most useful solution ever to me in my baby's first month.

Pureen ABD (Anti Bacterial Detergent). Perfect for removing the yellow stain made by poo or shit produced so diligently by your newborn, on clothes, sheets, and even napkins or the Malay will say "lampin".

First, rinse out the stool/poo/solids from the fabric. A water hose or a shower head does the job. Next, you are supposed to brush the stained place... but being not exactly hardworking, I skip to the next step - Soak it for a couple of hours in ABD powder and make sure the powder mix well in the pail or bucket... and before you know it when you rinse it again with clear water, the stain should be gone or at least easily rub off. I usually just let it soak whole day or whole night just to accumulate the washings.

A newborn baby can poo up more than 10 times a day so this was a lifesaver in February and March when my little one was at it!

This is not a sponsored post. I just love this detergent so much I bought 5 all in one go! Give it a try when all else fail!