Wednesday, 20 March 2013

30 Days... The Beginning and the End

All alone in the first five rows of the plane heading back to Kuala Lumpur, taking the last flight out.

My mother-in-law's condition is critical now. Her respiratory tract is full of phlegm and she is but skin and bones now. The video my husband took and sent via whatsapp to me is too shocking that I hopped onto the next available flight which is also the last flight out for the day, leaving behind my 30-day-old baby boy. I miss him already.

I have given 30 days to my mother-in-law full time in Nov to care for her in illness and likewise I have given 30 days with my son, today is his 30th day on earth.

I need to tend to the 'end' first before the 'beginning'. Life begins at birth and ends with death, joy and sorrow both come hand in hand in life. I just did not expect both to come at the same time at this point in life.

The inevitable is near.

Please pray for strength and calm for everyone in the Lee family, my hubby's surname is Lee.

Am typing this on a note app in the flight with 1001 things running through my mind. Please let me make it back there in time while she is still somewhat conscious.

I pray for peace and pain-free last moments for this woman I call mommy. Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers as well. *hugs*

Post note: Received this the moment my plane landed - Mommy just passed away at 22:56

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