Sunday, 10 March 2013

In Anticipation - Second Letter to my unborn baby

My dear precious baby,

This is Mama's second letter to you, by the time this blogpost is published, it should be March 10, 2013, this is your uncle's birthday, your maternal grandmama who is mama's mama, said, hopefully my first grandchild will be born on the same date as my son (your uncle). You see your uncle is Mama's younger brother, and he was born today many years ago, it should be swell if you two can celebrate your birthdays together.

Of course, your godmommy Pei wants you to be born on March 5, her birthday, we shall see when you decide to pop out.

I have a feeling if this is a leap year, and you are like me, always wanting to be different and trying new dares, you would have chosen to pop out on Feb 29, but alas, 2013 has no Feb 29. So my precious baby, come out anytime you are ready, Mama and Papa are just waiting... we have been waiting for nearly six years for you. A few more days should not be a problem (although each passing second is full of anticipation and jitters).

May you be a healthy happy baby, my precious one.

Mama and Papa love you very much. Always remember that.

Prequel to this letter

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