Monday, 3 April 2017

Beautiful Moments

I am grateful for being able to still breathe the air.

I looked back to the past with a heart swelling with gratitude and I look forward to the coming days in 2017 with great anticipation of what the future holds. Anything is possible.

Looking back, the pain is all worth it, without the down, there will be no up.
Without darkness, we won't appreciate the light.

Without children, and the state of childlessness, there will not be a fight to be parents, and the struggle make parenthood all the more precious when our baby finally came.. a boy and then a girl.

Life has been good. Even then, good won't be good unless we knew what is bad before that.

So whatever it is, it is all in the mind, it is all good, it is all bad, it is all beyond our control, what we can control is our attitude and reaction to all the 'labelled' happenings.

Take a deep breath and give thanks for this life here and now.
Live in the moment. Life is made up of little moments anyway. May we all have beautiful moments and cherish each and every one of these moments no matter how short.


Saturday, 18 June 2016

Future Letter to my One-month-old Baby Girl

Dear Baby Girl,

Before I become too tired due to night feedings and forget the feelings of anticipation and joy that your birth brings to us let me write this future letter to you meant to be read by myself on your one-monthaversary on June 17, 2016, which is also near mama and papa's engagement anniversary.

*Deep breath*

Your birth on May 17, 2016, came as a surprise as we were not expecting your arrival till early June.

You are one eager beaver to see the world just like me your mama and your elder brother Ray.

You are so precious, you are so wonderful, you are so so so so so wanted and loved. Remember that my darling baby girl.

Your birth has been so much anticipated. I love you so much, after I had your brother Ray I thought my heart could not contain all the love I felt for a little human being that is such a strong feeling I could cry just being soaked in the feeling of love... now with your arrival, it is totally amazing our heart could open up even more to extend the love to even a bigger emotion and there really is no limit to love, we love you so very much.

May you grow up to be as noble as your name as what your mama want you to be and be as compassionate as your name and most of all be as happy and joyful as what your father would want you to be.

We love you baby girl, all of us in the family. xoxo

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Letter to my Baby Girl

Dear Baby Girl,

Today would have been your godmother's birthday, Godma Val is turning 36 on June 4th. It would be nice for you to be born on the same date, then you two can celebrate your birthdays together.

It is really deja vu because I wrote the same for  your elder brother Ray before he was born and it was near your other godmother Khaima Pei's birthday. But as fate would have it, he decided to come out way earlier than that.

I hope you won't pull a stunt like your brother and surprising us with your early arrival but just come out safely and in due time dear baby girl.

Know that we love you very much.

Mama, Papa and korkor Ray.