Saturday, 4 June 2016

Letter to my Baby Girl

Dear Baby Girl,

Today would have been your godmother's birthday, Godma Val is turning 36 on June 4th. It would be nice for you to be born on the same date, then you two can celebrate your birthdays together.

It is really deja vu because I wrote the same for  your elder brother Ray before he was born and it was near your other godmother Khaima Pei's birthday. But as fate would have it, he decided to come out way earlier than that.

I hope you won't pull a stunt like your brother and surprising us with your early arrival but just come out safely and in due time dear baby girl.

Know that we love you very much.

Mama, Papa and korkor Ray.

1 comment:

Orientalily said...

My birthday is June 9, it would be awesome if your baby born same date as I. Take care!