Wednesday, 15 July 2009

A little Bit of thIs, A little Bit of thAt

This line from a song popped up when I woke up this morning.

Yup, life is definitely a little bit of this and that and they do not say "Variety is the Spice of Life" for nothing!

Just returned from my 6th Honeymoon last weekend and celebrated my 2nd Wedding Anniversary last night. All is good. Who says you cannot squeeze in happy events while you're both working and there isn't a need to take a day or two off? Yup, we didn't take leave from work and still can do it all! Hahaha.

Modern (working) life is such that you have to keep up with the hectic pace and if you really need a break, just throw caution to the wind and pack your bag and off you go to enjoy. While you're at it... enjoying, fully live in the moment and forget the pile of work waiting for you at home and you'll come back energised.

Seriously, it worked! *big grin*

Trying to make the best of my life now. So far so good :-D

Friday, 10 July 2009

July is a Beautiful Month - at least for memories

July is a beautiful month

I got married in July.
My receptions were both in July.. and my first honeymoon was in July and I first moved in with my husband after our wedding in July.. so all is good. Oh.. April is a good month for me too. Heck, the only month that I don't have any memories of any small anniversary is in May. Only my dad's birthday falls on that month. So every month is a good month.

And it was also in July so long ago that I had my heart broken, and now one bitter incident is replaced by so many beautiful events and sweet memories they'll remain. Life is great.

When you lose the little things in life, you'll get them replaced by bigger things. So hang in there! :-D