Monday, 4 April 2011

Beginning of April, Getting ill and Love Sick

It is the beginning of April and I get so love sick! No, it's not Valentine's but the love of my life is away on a working trip for an extended time (anything longer than an overnight trip is considered extended time for us), so I am going bonkers trying to cope without him.

Maybe with kids around I'll miss him less? I see friends with kids who still miss their spouse the same so I guess it's the same, with kids or without... but I also see friends who say they miss their kids more than their spouse and they would choose to be apart from their husbands rather than their kids, so I guess it's just different level of attachment. Not necessarily less love, but attachment.

Gosh, another 6 more days to go before he returns. I'm literally sick right now, with a bad cough and many other symptoms due to the heat and I am so very missing him even more! Been holding back from taking sick leave from work for the past one week, just to keep busy and not for him to worry before he left.. so with him not around, I think it's time to finally rest and let my sickness take over.. not love sickness but genuine illness.. I can't sleep at all due to the persistent chesty cough. Geez! If only he's around so he could pat my back whenever I cough or press the pressure points (acupuncture) to relief any pain.. I miss you so much!

Coming home to an empty house accentuated how much the house isn't so much a home without you around. And it was our first anniversary of owning (and moving into) our own house on April 3rd. I had to 'celebrate' it alone.. luckily I had my parents nearby and my siblings came over to keep me entertained last evening. They have left and the forlorn mood takes over again. And the coughing persisted. Kiss my work day bye bye tomorrow. :(

Anyway, I am just ranting and letting it out of my system. I'll be alright. Please take good care of yourself and come back in one piece and in good health! I'll be right here waiting for you (can't resist song quotes).

I'll be fine. I'll be fine when you're back, so please come back safely. :-) :x

p/s- Some people say I'm shameless, but I'd say I'm bold enough to love and let the whole world know about it.

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Elaine Choong said...

Awwww...Hang on there Sue! Ya hubs will be back in a Flash!
Here, passing U some of my Energy! LOL!
Meantime, get more rest..
Happy Annivesry BTW!