Friday, 22 April 2011

Happy Earth Day! April 22nd, 2011!

This year, Earth Day falls on a Friday, and it is also Good Friday for the Catholics as well as my darling second girl's 8th birthday!

Turning 8 is always very exciting, I think it's more exciting for Chinese due to the emphasis we place on 8, 8 and more 8, because it sounds so much alike to luck and prosperity.

When I say my darling second girl, it is my goddaughter, Genevie's birthday. Her mama, Odri is my distant cousin and childhood friend that I love just as much too! As their godmother, I become their Mummy and their mother is their Mama as they call their father Papa.. so mama and papa matches. If it's Mummy then it's Daddy, well, some people mix it up but for these kids, it just matches!

Have I mentioned before that I have two god daughters and I love them to bits? They are both sisters, Genevie the birthday girl is the younger one and they are two years apart. Both of them of course, belong to Odri, mentioned in the paragraph above, I'm stating the obvious here, of course if they are both sisters, they belong to the same mother, I didn't add any other adjectives or terms to sisters, didn't I? Just reiterating myself! haha.

Her elder sis, Rachel, just turned 9 last year and this year, on 11.11.11, she's gonna turn 10! Yup, she was born on 11th November 2001, 10 years ago, she's my eldest girl, I consider them my girls as I've been their godmum for as long as they could remember!

It seems like just yesterday when I was still holding them in my arms. How fast time flies!

My only hope is for my two girls to be happy and grow up well! Happy Birthday, Tita (Genevie's nickname)! Mummy loves you!

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