Monday, 17 January 2011

How do you call 100 and 103 for problems of billing regarding a terminated service for TM?

So I don't have a TM line anymore, no phone line to call 100 and 103 and I keep getting the phantom bills that should not have happened as I've terminated my services more than 9 months ago! I need to physically go to TM Point Setapak to settle my problem every month now without avail.. I dread to take off to go to TM P0int again for Jan 2011, 9 months after I terminated my line!

ON the bill, it said, please call 100 for any dispute about this bill.. indeed! I don't have a TM line anymore and my mobile phone provider does not offer 100 calls. So how? I'm sick of TM! Been there more than 12 times over the last 9 months and still my bills won't stop, even had my credit card authorisation cancelled.. but still.. sigh. Stupid organisation!

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