Friday, 27 July 2012

How to Stop Coughing - temporary reliefs

When you are suffering from a coughing spell, which sometimes may last a few days or a few weeks, there really isn't a remedy until time takes its course and you recover.

However, there are some temporary reliefs, especially when you need to catch some sleep or much needed rest!

Having suffered from the present bout of cough and cold for about a month, I found these very useful to catch some relief from coughing, especially when you are lying down, that's when it attacks the most for me!

1. Try lying down on your sides and not on your back so the mucus or phlegm won't be able to accumulated directly or something like that and your throat won't be irritated (that much), if all else fails you need to cough into your pillow to muffle the sound of coughing.

2. Get cough medicines that clears your phlegm or soothes dry throat - you first need to determine what kind of cough are you having. Ivy leaf extract cough medicine works well for dry throat. Chesty cough seems to settle with medicine with 'cool' effects to clear the phlegm.

3. If all else fails, try to forget about oral cavity and suckle on a medicated cough drop under your tongue and try to sleep, usually it works for me!

Another belief is that you may be 'cold' hence your cough is 'cold', too much Yin energy (as in Yin and Yang) and one thing you can do is to apply a vapor rub (such as Vicks Vapour Rub) on the whole of your sole and wear thick socks and you should sleep though the night.

If you are too 'hot', too much Yang energy, you need to 'cool down' by taking herbal brews of chrysanthemum and honey with lemon/lime to cool down. It's a Chinese belief - this heat and cool. Your body is Heaty when your phlegm is yellow and your body is cool when your phlegm is greenish/dark grey with a hint of yellow, and if it is white, either that is just your spit (saliva) or you are recovering (finally).

May my cough go away soon enough. One month is a tad too long!

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