Saturday, 28 July 2012

Greetings from the Future

Hubby and I went on the Spaceship Earth at Disney World, Orlando, Florida, and during the ride, there is this interactive screen in front of us and we are supposed to answer some questions and we can actually look at the future, our future by the answers we give. OH yeah, hubby is a bit 'shy', and low profile (despite being on display on my profile all over the Net), so I chose this 'flashed' image of his to include on this blog. And yes, we went 'skiing' on our Spaceship Earth ride and the future of medical industry will be really amazing with remote surgery up the mountains. :-)

Despite the answers being canned, and the result being predetermined by Disney, it was fun, and makes you think of the future.

What will the future be? There's a saying that - You are what you wish to be, the future is what you wish for it to be.

Have a happy weekend and here's to a good future to the world!

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