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Disney Princesses - little girls' dresses! - Pix mostly taken at Disney World, Orlando, Florida, USA

Cinderella's ball gown

Snow White's dress

Sleeping Beauty (Princess Aurora)'s pink dress

Belle's ball gown (Beauty and the Beast)

Aren't the dresses above simply gorgeous? They come in all sizes, from as small as 1-year-old up to 12, I think.

Why didn't they have them on sale when I was a little girl? *Goes all dreamy-eyed*

I remember my favourity was Princess Aurora's pink dress, not when it turned blue (by Merryweather, the youngest fairy godmother), but pink (turned by Flora, the fairy godmother who loves red/pink). The last scene where she was dancing with the prince in the ballroom with her dresses changing colour from pink to blue to pink and blue again made a lasting impression in my mind.

Besides these more elaborate gowns, they also have the 'cheaper'/affordably priced dresses, more like sun dresses with two straps, best for the hot Florida sun in Disney World, Orlando.

Ariel's dress. The print in front makes it clear which 'Disney Princess' the dress was made after.

Sleeping Beauty (Princess Aurora)'s dress - notice the big print in front? And if you noticed in the pix above, there are small 'button' of the faces of the "Disney Princesses" on the more elaborate gowns.

Another different shot of the elaborate dress of Beauty (Belle) - note the price? USD64.95

For the elaborate dresses, in terms of the actual dresses on sale, despite me loving the cartoon's pink Sleeping Beauty dress, I find that I prefer Snow White's gown as the colours are just so vibrant and eye-catching. I can totally see my daughter wearing that... em, if I am ever to have a daughter in the future, or if I have the chance to bring my two pre-teens god daughters to Disneyland/Disney World one day.

This was what I meant in my previous blog post of the 'chamber', or rather, more like partitions where we lined up for almost an hour just to 'meet the princesses'.

Even the Princesses have to practice a few poses like standing up, sitting down, especially the gracefully sitting down pose in between photoshoots to rest their poor feet. Example:

Standing up from a sitting position to sign a girl's autograph after the previous in line had their turn.

Sitting down gracefully on her royal chair/stool to rest her feet after signing so many autographs, they even use quill-like pens to sign.

On closer look, however:

Do you notice the quill simply served as decoration and Princess Aurora (whom I ignored during my turn to take pix with her - you can read about that in the blog post entitled "Do You Believe in the Green Dragon?"), Sleeping Beauty was signing with a regular, normal pen, what a disappointment! lol Another Disney dream crushed, at that time, this slipped my mind, but now that I look at all the pix, it really is a dream crusher.

I really sound skeptical, don't I? Okay, I shall stop here before I tear down more illusions/dreams.

I shall end this with some of the pix of some really pretty princesses, big and small (taken from far):
Snow White and a little Rapunzel who tied up her hair in a bun

I think she (back towards camera with a green crown) is wearing the costume of Ariel, the Little Mermaid, I think - cute girl in pink on the forefront too! :-)

This pix caught my eye. First, notice the girl in green (from the pix before this), her mom is adjusting her costume, and secondly, notice the girl in the middle looking on enviously at the girl in the costume, and thirdly, do you notice the man flinging the child playfully on the right of the pix? This was taken at Magic Kingdom where it is the most 'magical' for little girls and boys.

Three cute little girls in their Princess costumes in front of the Cinderella's Castle.

Princess Jasmine from Aladdin (we didn't queue up as the line was long and it was outdoor (HOT!).

Do you spot the little Cinderella in this pix?

There are the fairies (which we didn't check out at all) but I never watched the show but I know my god daughters do, and the line was terribly long, it had a 55-min-wait time when we came to the start of the line, and I settled for this pix instead:

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