Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Good Food, Family Warmth and Loving Care

My in laws are staying with us since last week.

Yup, our 5th wedding anniversary came and go when we were having them over for a visit and I am NOT complaining. You can never ask for better in laws.

From breakfast to dinner and even tea breaks and desserts, and late night herbal concoctions that are supposed to be good for health, we are never in want of food and drink.

I am denied entry and could not even lift a finger in my own kitchen (thanks to my mother in law) and our floor is always sparkling clean (thanks to my father in law). That's a 'good problem', don't you think. Since our wedding 5 years ago, I have learned to 'graciously' accept these blessings and allow ourselves to bask in so much love and care. Count our blessings!

Oh we still get our alone time and privacy. We just caught a movie, only the two of us on Sat night, to celebrate our anniversary.

Anyway, communication is the key to understanding and bonding in any human relationships. I cannot call myself a communication graduate if I don't practice what I am supposed to be good at, right?

May peace and love
Begin at home!

Pix shows one of the delicious dishes we enjoy, prepared by my mother in law and one of the many desserts (barley drink with gingko).

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