Saturday, 7 July 2012

Ariel, the Princess Mermaid - Disney World, Orlando, Florida, USA

The little mermaid gained her name Ariel in the Disney cartoon of a Princess Mermaid, who is the daughter of Triton, the King of the Sea.

She is a typical case of those who will not settle for your fate given to you at birth, she does not feel she belong to the sea, she long to be walking on the ground like humans do.

Here is the part where she is longing to be walking instead of swimming and getting wet all day long:

The video was taken during the Little Mermaid show at Disney World, Orlando, Florida, USA, the show was named Meet the Little Mermaid or something, and we thought it was similar to the photography session the "Meet the Princesses" but then we discovered it took place in a theatre, so it was a show after all. The red-haired princess is pretty, though, the pix at the top cannot do her justice hence I took videos of her as the video is slightly clearer than pix.

So she made a deal with the sea witch to help her turn her tail into human feet, but in return, she had to 'give' her voice to Ursula. Oh, did I mention Little Mermaid is infatuated with the Prince she once saved from shipwreck? I say infatuated cos it was only after that the feelings turned into love, :-) At least by my definition.

This is my most fav part (my own video on youtube) - Shameless Plug - do subscribe to me on youtube if you may. Thank you!

The part where Ariel sings for one last time before she turned human, and lost her voice to Ursula, the evil sea witch, as part of the bargain to turn her fish tail to human feet.

As per my previous blog entry on Snow White and Sleeping Beauty here I love to sing "a a ah, a a ah" to Disney Princess cartoons, in lyric-less tunes when I was a little girl (still love those tunes even now!).

The Little Mermaid show at Disney World, Orlando, Florida, was cute! Ariel 'sitting' down most of the time on the coral reefs, then they let the screen do the story telling to summarise the whole cartoon. Makes me feel like I wanna be a little girl again in order to be fully immersed in the magic of Disney!!!

In my previous blog post on Disney Princess dresses for little girls, I left out this pix of Ariel's costume!

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