Thursday, 12 July 2012

Why are Caucasian Kids so adorable? - Our trip to Disney World, Orlando, Florida, USA

Why are Caucasian kids SO ADORABLE?

Our trip to Disney World, Orlando, Florida was our first 'real' contact during the daytime with the US.

Being fond of children, having no kids ourselves, the first thing that struck us in the days that follow is how ADORABLE the caucasian kids are, from babies to tots to pre-schoolers to elementary schooler and to early teens... after that they are budding beauties and handsome hunks when they are already gorgeous teenagers, some who are not even 18 yet can pass off as someone more mature. I guess the same can be said all over the world - kids growing up too fast!

A random shot of a group of teens who were ahead of us in the line.

A group of school kids performing in their choir.

Being in Disney World, you can expect to see kids EVERYWHERE, nearly half my photos are of kids whether intentionally or unintentionally.

While waiting for the show in 'China' to start at EPCOT (one of the four parks in Disney World. We spent two-whole days in EPCOT.

Cute sisters on the Disney bus.

The younger sister smiled sweetly.

Bro taking a pix of his sis at 'Japan' in EPCOT.

This little girl in the pink skirt actually 'danced' and moved from her spot to the next spot randomly while the Disney Photopass (you can google more about it) photographer was trying to snap a still pix of her. I couldn't help laughing at the cute little girl's antics and finally the Disney Photopass photographer removed her camera from the tripod and followed the girl's movement. At Disney Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM) - one of the four theme parks in Disney World.

This cute little boy gave a scare to his parents when he went out from the unsecured gate of the grounds we were at and his mom shouted for him, alerting his dad who ran after him and carried him back and securely locking the gate. He was just so cute - it was already dusk, hence the pix isn't that clear. -Fort Wilderness Resort, one of the many resorts in Disney World.

Little girl with King Louie from Jungle Book at Animal Kingdom, one of the four parks in Disney World.

Soft baby hair, curly long eyelashes, big beautiful eyes, cherubic pinkish cheeks, and sometimes sprinkled with freckles, red lips... oh, they are such angels - brunette, red-haired or blondes alike!

Of course, despite my infatuation with Caucasian kids, I find that every child is just as cute and adorable. This group of siblings, most presumedly of South Asian descent were very talkative during our Jungle River Cruise.

And they were very responsive too!

Double the cuteness, TWINS! With Chip and Dale. And I cannot even guess their ethnicity. At the end of the day, children will always be children, innocent and universally adorable.

I love children so much my ovaries are throbbing now. Okay, abrupt end of blog post.

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This little boy seated in front of us during the Safari at Animal Kingdom, one of the four theme parks in Disney World is just so adorable - he reminded me of my good friend, Mei's only son:

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