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Is he your Prince? - Disney World, Orlando, Florida, USA

The pix above was taken on our very first day in the US, we arrived at nearly midnight the night before at LA before taking the midnight flight from LA to MCO (airport) Orlando, hence night cannot be considered the first DAY, right? We touched down at the sunshiney state of Florida at 7am, left the airport at about 8.30am, and we were checked into our Disney World hotel by 9.15am (no rooms yet but we could check in earlier just to get our entry passes to the parks), and by 9.30am, we were off to our first destination, i.e. EPCOT, which is one of the four theme parks in Disney World, Orlando. More detail on epcot here: http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/parks/epcot/

I won't be blogging chronologically so pardon me 'jumping' to the next scene:

Cinderella saw us approaching her and her first question was to me: Is he your Prince?

I replied yes.

Then she turned to my husband and asked, "Do you mind if I hold your arm?" and turned to look at me.

I nodded my approval and we got the pix taken. Too bad this is our only shot with this Cinderella cos she is just so pretty!

Compared to the one who waited at the Princesses 'chamber', whom we met at Magic Kingdom (one of the four Disney parks at Disney World, Florida) a few days after our first Cinderella:

Me and Cinderella (the indoor one):

I randomly snapped a pix of a mother and her two girls who were ahead of us in line - and as mentioned in my previous post on Disney Princesses, the line was about an hour long.

I feel that the 'outdoor' Cinderella we first met was just so much prettier, no offence to the indoor one, it's just that when there are more than one model, one can't help but compare! Sorry, indoor Cinderella!

There are many versions of Cinderella's stories and dresses. I love her when she is in her normal garb/dress compared to when she is in her princess gown, partly because of her hairdo when she is in her princess gown. She looks way sweeter when she has her hair down and tied back with a hankerchief/cloth/bandana, whatever it is.

The version of the Cinderella story that I like best, is only one part - the part where her name was really Ella, but after her father died (not after marrying her stepmother after the death of his first wife, and gained two stepsisters), she was treated like a maid and always cleaned the chimney and in turn, she is covered in Cinder, and her stepmother and stepsisters mocked her and called her Cinder-Ella, with later became Cinderella.

What makes Cinderella different from the other Disney princesses is that she has a pumpkin carriage that her fairy godmother turned temporarily for her, which will turn back into a pumpkin at the stroke of 12 at midnight, and a glass slipper/shoes, to name a few. Which girl doesn't love shoes? *Sleeping Beauty/Princess Aurora has 3 fairy godmothers, so I guess the 1959 princess in pink is luckier? And she gets to sleep too, unlike Cinderella who had to clean and scrub and cook every day.

Like all Disney love stories, Cinderella left behind her glass slipper and the Prince right in the middle of a dance at a ball for the Prince to choose his bride, and unlike girls today, she didn't leave her phone number or address, she left behind a glass slipper. Now there is an anomaly in the theory of when the clock struck 12 times at midnight, everything will turn back to their original state - the carriage turned back into pumpkin, the horsemen and footmen and the horses turned back into her pet mice, her dress turned back into rags, but the glass slippers, supposedly one was left behind and separated from the other one on her feet, stayed on as glass slippers.

Okay, let's stop the cynical comment on Cinderella's story. It's just my opinion, a 30-something-Disney fan who could memorise all the Princess cartoons by heart, up to Mulan, after which, I just lost interest in Princess and the Frog, I guess, nothing personal, I was already too 'old' when the movie was released, and we just never gotten around to watch it. That's all. Yes, blame it on my age. :-)

I thought I could blog about Beauty and the Beast too with Cinderella but thinking back, I've got so much more to talk about Beauty (Belle) as there is special Beauty and the Beast Show at Disney Hollywood Studies (formerly Disney MGM Studios) - another of the four theme parks in Disney World that I think Beauty needs a single blogpost for herself.

Back to Cinderella, here are some pix of the parade (day time) that we saw, and a real life-sized pumpkin carriage, with a pretty prince and a jovial fairy godmother.

There are more pix of Cinderella and the other characters from Cinderella, especially for the night time Electrical Parade which was simply awesome! The Electrical Parade warrants a whole blog post on its own, but here's a teaser pix, not of Cinderella, but Disney's first couple - Mickey and Minnie!!!

Just realised I've blogged about Disney World in three blog posts and I haven't even uploaded a Mickey/Minnie pix, except for them on our T-shirts. lol And that will be another blog post on its own.

Geez, I think I will blog about Disney World for maybe the whole month or something. It is so huge it is about the size of the City of San Francisco in California, and we spent 12-16 waking hours a day for a whole week (full seven days) in Disney World alone, so you can just guess how overwhelming the experience was! 8am-12midnight almost every day at the parks in Disney World.

We stayed up for up to 16 hours straight (woke up an hour earlier for breakfast etc. and at the end of the day, another hour to wind down/bathe etc) - even when we are at work, we don't stay up so many hours at a one-week stretch! Now this is 'working' for your 'fun'! A new way to look at things! The whole experience was really an eye-opening fun-filled honeymoon for hubby and I. Will surely visit again in the next 10 years, maybe more than once! ;)

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