Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Visit to Putrajaya - Government Housing Loan

My father-in-law is an ex-serviceman. Having served in the navy for about 22 years, he opted for retirement and qualified for a monthly pension from the government.

He took on a housing loan for his current house just before he retired and the loan was taken from the government at a flat rate of 4% interest rate. So the loan repayments were deducted from his monthly pension up till now.

His loan is supposed to be paid up by mid-2012. However, the deductions continued way past June and it's already August and September is coming soon.

Hence I drove him up to the heart of Malaysia's administrative hub - Putrajaya.

As an ex-reporter, I have traveled to Putrajaya on assignments/for events. However I don't exactly know where in Presint 2 is the Housing Loan Unit in the Malaysian Treasury under the Ministry of Finance. The Ministry of Finance comprises THREE HUGE BLOCKS.

Thanks to the spirit of 1Malaysia or maybe it's just the friendly security guard, he pointed us to the end of the block from where our car stopped to ask for direction. We parked at the open air parking (after going past BSN bank on the same side of the road).

One thing that we found lacking are proper signages. For that, they have well-informed security guards who gladly answered your queries and pointed you to the correct direction.

Some pix of our journey and the last pix is the contact number of all the relevant departments related to government housing loan. Hope it is of some help.

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