Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A chronicle of my marking marathon - Aug 2012

First update:
Half an hour and I only finished one script of the over 200 scripts. 223 to be exact.

I shudder to think how many hours I need to spend to finish all - OMG, 4 whole days without break 24 hours a day, non stop and plus 15 hours and 30 mins. Gulp.

No time wasted - to be continued - this shall be a super long blogpost

Second entry:
Not bad. Nearly an hour has passed and I have finished three scripts. I managed to cut down from 30mins per script to an average of 20mins per script.

I find this process of updating strangely motivating. I used to procrastinate by doing something else, very time consuming so I guess giving myself some reprieve in the form of saving my blog as draft till I manage to finish marking proves to be so far so good in keeping me motivated.

Back to marking!

Third update: I am slowing down again, completed the 5th script and my eyes felt heavy. I left my stopwatch on (oh yeah I use a stopwatch for this chronicle) and walked around the house to wake myself up.

Checked my twitter and a new 'follower' whom I then followed offered me a psychic reading online and asked me what do I wanna know. If you are psychic, you should guess or maybe you already know and not ask.

Back to marking. No psychic is gonna help me to mark anyway.

Fourth update: Two hours and I've completed 6 scripts. Still at the rate of 20 mins per script. Wish me luck.
I need to mark faster!!!

Fifth update:
Dead tired after marked 8 scripts. Will call it a night. Sat night gone - nearly 3 hours spent marking 8 scripts. I must mark faster tomorrow. Till tomorrow, nitez.

Day 2:

2.0 First update: Yawn. Bright and shine. Had breakfast. Prepared lunch and now I try to launch myself to get I to the momentum to mark again. I barely made a dent with 8 scripts the first evening (my paper arrived only late afternoon/early evening. That is like PROGRESS: 3.5% lol more than 96% more to go. Sigh.

Day 2 Update 2: My mobile Internet and also home Internet decided to die on me. I've made another 4% of progress since then. I actually feel dizzy now. Of course I didn't mark non-stop or else I will be even more dizzy. Yawn. I am so tired.

Back to marking. I shudder to think that I will be doing this again in 4 months. It is a necessary struggle in this career.

Day 2: Update 3/Last update: I went to bed without updating my journal. :p

Day 3: Update 1:

Yay! Had a good night's sleep! Off to do marking again. First, I need to change to go to work first. Marking gotta wait. :(

Day 3: Update 2:
I've stopped counting. I am
Not even halfway through and I am already at midpoint before the deadline. End of Day 3. Zzzzz

Day 4: Update 1: I need to spend half a day to do exam invigilation duty. Half day gone!
However, I felt giddy and wobbly today that I went to the doc's and got sick leave for the Day.

Marking stops for no one so I am trying to make some progress with marking here.

Day 5: Update 1: I am back to work. Marking resumes after lunch after my duty is over. Let's hope I finish this big stack before a tackle another bigger stack!

I am hopeless! Drastic measures need to be taken to ensure I complete this on time! No more updates till I finish! The end of Day 5 update!

Yay, Finally made it in one piece.

:D Phew I'd like to say "That wasn't so bad" but trust me, it WAS THAT BAD!

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