Thursday, 30 August 2012

Losing Your Brain Cells after 30

“@UberFacts: After age 30, the brain loses about 50,000 neurons a day. Shrinking by .25% each year.”

I saw this on twitter today and I had mixed feelings about it. Glad I know that fact because that explains a lot of things, and not so glad because I am losing brain cells.

It is like a voice inside saying: I am growing old! Oh no!

I know aging is inevitable. Being a woman, through every childbirth, you not only lose blood and bodily nutrients - it is said you lose much of your brain cells with every child. I know for a fact my own aunt lost a molar (big tooth at the back) for each pregnancy she had. She had two kids, so two molars lost it is. You can see your tooth which you lost, how about the unseen stuff like brain cells and your mental capacity?

Should I continue my PhD now or later? I find it more difficult to retain new information lately, even more so in 2012, I am more forgetful and need to set reminders for almost everything at work. I cannot recall people's names as fast as I could last year, one freaking year and I feel my brain has aged so much. Don't get me started on my physical aging!!!

I was lazing in bed this morning and snapped a pix of this - me grasping on to whatever brain cells I have left. Heard that ginkgo bibloba is good for memory retention? Let's hope I won't forget my own name too soon!

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