Thursday, 23 August 2012

Have you checked your heart?

Have you checked your heart lately? Not matters of your heart or feelings, I'm talking about one of the most vital organs in human body, the heart that pumps blood throughout the body, blood that contains liquid and precious oxygen that keep humans alive.

I brought my mother, my own mother whom my face greatly resemble, to a cardiologist today. The Heart Specialist of my choice when my mother called to ask for my opinion for a cardiologist on Kuala Lumpur area is Dr Yeo of Tawakkal Specialist Hospital, of KPJ Group, a pix below shows Yeo's Heart Clinic reception area, the clinic is located inside the hospital.

Being menopausal, my mother is worried her heart may be at risk as she is now lacking the precious female hormones pre-menopausal women could produce, hence she wanted to be on the safe side and have a heart check.

The doctor suggested non-invasive procedures like ECHO and stress test.
My mother passed with flying colors.

We left the specialist hospital with lighter hearts, figuratively speaking, we are glad nothing is wrong and my mother's heart is beating strong, as is her zest to live. :) Wishing you a long life ahead, mama!

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