Sunday, 26 August 2012

Fourth Quarter 2012 Resolution

I have not been able to fit into my 2006 clothes for the past six years.

One favorite dress of mine was worn once for our official engagement announcement photoshoot (pix below) and the beautiful tailor-made dress hung there in one of my cupboards without a chance to see daylight and has survived many spring cleaning exercises.

I am sticking to my one-week-resolution to halve my wardrobe. I am filling up the big plastic bags with mostly unworn tops.

I hope to fill up at least two big bags with clothes to be given away to charity by today (Sunday) and maybe another big bag by the end of my deadline in two dad (Tuesday).

Anyway, I have another resolution to top up and complement my mid-year resolution to exercise more. I give myself three months to lose some weight, and hope to fit loosely into my 2006 dress by 2013, anytime next year.

I find that by putting my resolution in writing and going a step further by publishing it on my blog, my resolutions have somewhat worked so far!

Keeping fingers crossed.

Now hubby and I will go for an early swim before dinner. Both of us have plumped up at lot after our China trip!!! Rice, rice and more rice, similar to potato and more potato - carbs turn to fat when you are sedentary!

I cut off hubby's face in the pix as the collage doesn't allow full view, all the more to protect his identity anyway hahaha. The Chinese words beside me under the 'Engagement' words are our names in Chinese. :) 2006, seems so long ago!

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