Monday, 27 August 2012

Quick-Dry Hair Wrap

Another post about how gullible women like me can be. See previous post about how sales people target women's vulnerabilities and insecurities.

Anyway, I bought this hair wrap that is supposed to quickly dry your hair. The salesperson claimed if your hair is shoulder length or shorter, it takes about 3-4 minutes to dry when wrapping your hair in it after washing your hair. For my hair, past shoulder length, it should be about 8-10 mins.

I bought a similar product from a thrift shop (USD1.50/SingDollar2/MYR5 per item). That was a few years ago. I used it once and it didn't do much to dry my hair and I put it down as a 'cheap' purchase with low quality.

This time round, I believed the sales person as she sells other wonder products on demo and I 'gambled' and bought many products, one of them was this hair wrap.

There is this button for you to latch on after securing your hair in the wrap. I tried it once, timed myself and 8 mins later, voila, damp hair, still wet but not dripping wet. I think any towel can perform that function.

Hubby touches my damp hair and said, it did dry your front bang, maybe your hair is too thick. (maybe my hair is too thin in front, sob sob).

I tried it the third time, and today I felt moved to write this blog post. I do feel like a fool but I love this colour compare to my previous 'cheaper' purchase so I am keeping it. At least my hair won't be dripping wet when stepping out of the shower. Call it self-comforting or whatever, women are such funny creatures. :)

And of course, it costs 5 times more so of course I'm keeping it!

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Abby Tiong said...

Let me try next time ^^