Saturday, 18 August 2012

Mother in Dreams (Heaven) - Song


This Mongolian kid is amazing! He was only 12 when he joined China got talent and he made it to the final round and came third!

Mother in Dreams (Heaven) is his signature song - remembering his late mother (and father) who passed away in a road accident.

I feel so touched I feel like hugging him!

His name is Uudam or in Chinese is called Uudamu 乌达木

Here is a more uplifting song after the initial clips with the sad song in the background:

Many criticisms by supposedly narrow-minded people has been thrown at this kid just because he is a Mongolian, and to this, I agree with the top commenter of one of the videos:

"The ugly wrong doing of adults and/or organizations reflects Uudam's the high valuable character: simple, original, and natural. Millions of people watched his excellent performance and so many experts were on the stage to eye witnessed his great presentation. How can the black cloud cover the bright moon? "Real gold does (sic: is) not afraid of fire" and Uudam should make those people ashamed of themselves. They still owe Uudam an apology!" ~Liyuksum

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