Sunday, 26 August 2012

Hateful Sales People Targeting Women's Insecurities (Part 1)

The Media has evolved to such a state that it has penetrated every household and no longer confined to the square box we call tv.

Social media has emulated traditional media and allowed advertisements to be shown to its users, much to our chagrin.

Personal selling has gotten more 'vicious' as well. People who practices personally selling have many names, (read: sales people disguised as 'consultants', advisors, assistants, promoters, etc) but their ultimate goal is to persuade the 'target' to buy and part with their hard-earned cash.

They will use many tactics but I think I need another blogpost just to list out the tactics I have been exposed to by these sales persons. I have nothing personal against them. Anyway, I just missed yesterday by 7 mins so I typed too long too much again!

To be continued... In the meanwhile, this may pique your interest to read:


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