Tuesday, 26 June 2012

I am a woman, Hear me roar

Cliche, yes, but I figured it's fun to see how long this blogpost will make it to google search since "I am a woman, Hear me roar" has been around for ages.

On a serious note, this is a general rant/blogpost.

Things have been hectic the past few weeks, now looking back, I have been more or less occupied for months, no longer weeks, but months. Geez, where have all the time gone to? It is true when they say time slips through from your fingers like sand.

Complaints aside, I think I can best sum up the first half of 2012 for me by summarising HOW I FEEL, let the feelings do the talking.

Happy, Sad, Elated, Disappointed, Excited, Tired, Anticipating, Crushed, Heart-warming, Betrayed, and of course, I am trying to apply equanimity to all those feelings to remain sane.

Funny how all these feelings are very closely related to their antonyms, huh? Guess it's true when they say you need to accept both the good and bad in life, you can only appreciate the sweet after tasting the bitter.

A general ending for a general post. I've got so much to post about but this will have to do for now. In the meanwhile, I tweet more @suetiong.

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