Sunday, 14 April 2013

"I Need Sleep" - Parents/Carers for Most Infants

Sleep deprived parents/carers of infants need not be embarrassed to occasionally ask for help just to get some rest and the much needed shut-eye.

Today is the weekend of our 6th Anniversary of hubby and me getting legally married and we asked my parents if they'd kindly take our 8-week-old baby as we would like to celebrate on a date. My mom agreed to babysit our boy for an afternoon till 8.30pm.

After dropping our baby son off at my mom's we checked out a local computer fair and soon after, we were checking out the movie show times on our mobile when I felt tired and mentioned it to hubby.

Anyway, I then recalled and related to hubby, an article I read before our son was born, about new parents should not feel bad or even embarrassed for taking a much needed nap during 'date night' when the baby caring duties are being relieved by someone trusted.

Hubby thought about it for awhile and asked if I would like to rest over a movie. I said yes. We then turned back home and now hubby is sleeping soundly beside me. My turn to snooze off now if I am to survive the night shift later.

After five years of celebration of our anniversary without a child, I think this is the first anniversary celebrated with a significant twist, so we will always remember we have a small baby boy during this year's anniversary.

Happy anniversary to us and may we get enough rest and stay healthy for our little family.

Welcome to parenthood!

Pix of our sleeping baby boy. Face mosaic to protect our baby's privacy. :)

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