Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Short Mid-May Reflection

Here's quoting my own tweet on twitter today: "With age, usually comes maturity. I have learned that nothing is beneath me or even beneath anyone when it comes to life. Be humble. :-)"

Many things have happened up till now that made me reflect a lot on the fragile fragment of humanity and the life we are living, and I hope I have matured a wee bit now compared to my old self.

The ego/self is always our biggest challenge. Put it aside and the world will be a more peaceful place. I am not asking you to totally put aside your ego and don't feel any worth for yourself. No, but there are some situations where humility prevails and by bowing out, you actually let another person win, but really, you are the real winner for being the 'bigger' person here.

Think about it.

It is not how many battles you have won, it is who win the whole war. Lose the battle, win the war and not win the battle, lose the war. Fruit for thought!

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