Friday, 20 April 2012

Thailand Trip - second honeymoon of 2012 :-)

Next week, Hubby and I will leave for our second honeymoon for the year, this time we are visiting Thailand for the very first time as a couple.

We have been on many honeymoons we have lost count, hence from now, it will be the first, second, third honeymoon of each year, easier to label that way, haha.

We are planning a DIY trip but then discovered some ala-carte tour (half days) or private guide for a full day would be convenient as well and we have already booked our hotels at a good rate on Agoda when they were on sale earlier this year, and our flight tix were already bought a year ago.

Going to visit one or two (or maybe more) temples especially the famous four-faced-Buddha temple well-known for childless couples who are suffering from some form of infertility, to pray for a child. I remember that Nicholas Tse's parents (celebrities themselves) prayed there in Bangkok and later conceived Nicholas and they made a huge donation to the temple after his birth. No harm trying, right? :-) Told you anything which are remotely hopeful, we will try if they are within our means. ;)

Will post up pix after our trip... April has been rather full with our USA trip and now our Bangkok/Pattaya trip. Tiring but truly fun and exciting!!!

Bangkok and Pattaya, here we come!!!

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