Thursday, 19 April 2012

The End of a Break

As the end of my break is dawning, I cannot help but feel a little bit panicky. There are so much that I still wanna do and I don't want my break to end so soon!

Anyway, I still have two trips lined up for the whole of next week so I'm gonna make the best out of them!

The month of May will see me back to work and real life, I feel like I am living the dreams now... like seriously! I just came back from DisneyWorld, USA, and their slogan is "Let the Memories Begin" or was it "Where Dreams Come True", the magic is still with me. Like Star Wars' "May the Force be with you"...muahahaha.

Sprinkling a little magic fairy dust on all of you. Have a good spring break/Labour Day (for South East Asia countries who celebrate it on May 1) and believe in your dreams/magic!

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