Tuesday, 12 July 2011

8TV discontinued my fav show Hellcats & replaced it without prior notice/without proper ending!

Hellcats has been around, shown on Malaysian tv for quite some time and I've been watching it since Episode 1 and suddenly today, it's replaced by some other show, even though they have not aired the final episode! A rude surprise, cut short like that with the ending left hanging!  No, No, there wasn't even a final episode so how can there be an ending to be left hanging!!!

Suddenly today, I see no such show that I usually watch on Tuesday evenings.
I ran a search on their site for their broadcast schedule and saw that there were only two results found, and the most recent show was last Tuesday, 5th July 2011.


A rude surprise, cut short like that with us viewers left hanging! Grrrrr. How can 8tv discontinue Hellcats just like that?!?

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